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Easily create polls and get their results! Takes voting on your server to an entirely new level.


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v3.6.0 Update: Use Custom Emojis in Your Polls

Add an emoji at the start of an answer when using a command and the bot will now use that instead of the number emojis. For example: `|poll-custom Question; ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ Yes; ๐Ÿ‘Ž๏ธ No; ๐Ÿคท Maybe` Or with the advanced poll creator: `|ap add-answer ๐Ÿคท Maybe`. This works for both regular Discord emojis and custom server emojis.

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PollBot Advanced

Organised voting in your server for absolutely no cost!

Ideal for:

  • Art contests
  • Voting on emotes
  • Movie nights
  • Event feedback
  • And much more!

Want your poll to end after a certain amount of time?

No problem. Just use the built-in timed-poll feature and let your poll run for any amount of time up to 7 days!

Want a 100% secure results analysis?

Easily done. Our bot only counts one vote per person and excludes any other vote somebody applies.

Don't want anyone to use the command?

Couldn't be simpler. You can pick from 3 options for who has the ability to make polls, to eliminate the chance for any inappropriate usage.

Need help?

Just pop over to our support server to get quick help right from the developers! Or use our well-documented |help command.

User Reviews


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really cool bot, i like it a lot, very well made and functional

Evaline Rose
Evaline Rose

I use this bot on all my servers. Its simple, easy to use, and doesn't make things complicated for its purpose.

PollBot Advanced
PollBot Advanced

Thanks for the review. You can create an advanced poll creator (APC) by running '|ap' Afterwards you can then edit your poll with the other AP commands.

Admiral Glass
Admiral Glass

Good bot and one of the few that easy to use and actually works. But I would like the the option to choose the answers instead of it it just being a thumbs up and down otherwise it's a good bot

PollBot Advanced
PollBot Advanced

Thanks for the feedback. That is already available with the |poll-custom command! You can give between 2 and 9 custom answers which people can then choose from.


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