Fun bot to liven up your server. Express yourself using gif reactions, track funny messages using the starboard. ~Can also do explosions~

Megumin Commands Prefix: - or megu

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Bot Tags:

Fun Anime

Created By: Wesley# 6216


My default prefix is - ("megu" will also work)
You can change this with -prefix
If you ever get stuck, you can tag me to get help.
I have a -help command which will show you all my commands.


Use my reaction commands to express yourself!
All reaction commands are listed on -help
Did we miss a reaction? Come join our server and create a suggestion! -server


Starboard offers a fun way to keep track of important/funny messages in your server, driven by your community!
After setting up a starboard channel in your server, I will track star reactions on messages.
If a message receives 3 or more star reactions, it will be featured in the starboard channel.


Don't want your server members using commands everywhere? Disable commands in any channel using -disable
Changed your mind? You can enable commands again by using -enable in the disabled channel.