Lone Bot


A Simple bot for guilds/clans to automate membership

#Simple Guild Bot

#What Does this bot? Allows you to automate membership giving, you can set a password for your discord server, people that know the password can get the 'Member' role. The roles given are for now constant, the bot tries to give a 'Member' and a 'Uye' role if one of these exist. Only people with the role 'Modx' or 'Yonetici' can change the password. You can see all commands with !help.

#Multilanguage support The bot supports multiple languages for they are only limited with 2 languages but with the help of you we can increase that.

#Usage examples !password hello123 <== sets the password to hello123 !register hello123 <== the member that write this command will get the roles above. !lang en <== will change the language to en(english), other options: tr(turkish).

#Simple tip to use the bot Write your guilds discord link in your guild messsage, notification, info etc.. then Write that new people should write '!register ' so members will not have to wait for a membership and gain it automatically.