Toxic is a all in one bot. Toxic has multiple features for helping you out with moderation and more.

Created By: Drainyyy# 9339


So toxic was my first bigger python project and I think it isn't that bad, is it? If you think it's bad just give feedback and I will give my best to make Toxic better!

The bot himself

The bot got a big selection of features from different categories (it's not one of these thousends of moderation bots)

  • Information (user, bot, server, ping, etc.)
  • Moderation (default stuff)
  • Games (none added yet, suggest some!)
  • Misc (8ball, google, afk, pwgen, etc.)

Some commands can only be used with the "toxicbot" role.

The Help command

There are two kinds of help commands in this bot. I wanted to split it so "help" can be a real help and not a list of commands.

So I have split the help into

  • t.help This command shows some helping information
  • t.commands That is the command where you can find all commands listed in their category

I think that's all Have a nice day everybody!