Created By: Xavinlol# 0001 Certified Developer


Moderation Bot with extra features like custom commands, reaction roles, automated spam protection, scalable voiceChannels, welcome message, reminder function and more


If you vote for this bot and you are in the Support Server (or join it after), you'll get the 'VIP' Role for 2 days

Bot Role

Make sure the bot got a seperate role (other than the @everyone role) on your Server!
If you invite me through my Invite Link i get a new Role called "XavinBot" assigned from Discord


Make sure you didn't disable private messages.
Once you invite this Bot to your Server you will get a private Message with some Information about the Bot.
If you dont get that information you can private message the bot with 'mod?info'

If you (as the Server owner) want to use the logging features and/or let people of your choice use the Support, Moderator or Admin commands you have to set the channel and/or the roles first. If you want that type 'mod?help set' to see all the options.

The set command is only available to the Server owner, People with the Administrator Permission or to people with the configured Admin role
The default prefix is 'mod?' which you can change 'mod?help prefix' for details.


You can configure 4 roles

  • Admin role --> Role to use Admin Commands like 'mod?prefix'
  • Moderator role --> Role to use Moderator Commands like 'mod?kick <@tag>'
  • Support role --> Role to use Support Commands like 'mod?mute <@tag> 30m'
  • Muted role --> Role to assign for muted users (should be a role with no writing permissions)

Example to set the Support role (considering you have e.g. a existing role called 'Bot Support')

  • mod?set role support Bot Support


You can set a log channel for the bot (see below for all logging events)
-mod?set channel log TextChannelName


Following Actions will be logged in the configured channel

  • Member joined/left the Server
  • Member got or lost a Role.
  • Member banned/unbanned.
  • Member kicked.
  • Member warned.
  • Member muted/unmuted.
  • Member changes his Nickname.
  • Message updated/deleted.
  • Custom Command created/edited/deleted

Prefix (mod?prefix) or (mod?prefix newPrefix)

I will ask you for a new prefix. Keep in mind that i will replace Whitespace characters and the '@' sign

Welcome Message (mod?welcome)

Toggle the welcome message to be activated or deactivated (mod?help welcome for infos on how to set the channel and message).

Time Units (for mute and remindme command)

Time Unit example for the RemindMe & Mute command: 1m = (1 minute), 1h = (1 hour), 1d = (1 day)
Usage example: mod?remindme 15m pizza is ready
result: Bot will private message you in 15 minutes and remind you that your pizza is ready

Help Menu

'mod?help' will show all commands for your permission level
'mod?help commandName' will show you the details of a specific command

RoleReact Command

You can let the Bot post a new Message or use a existing Message (see Step 3)

'mod?rolereact' will initiate the process
'mod?rolereact embed' to post a new message as a embed

  1. Bot will ask for the Role to grant (reply with @role, id or the name of the role)
  2. Bot will ask for the Channel to use (reply with #channel, id or name of the channel)
  3. Bot will ask for the message (reply with a new message text or a existing message id of the specified channel)
  4. Bot will ask for a Emoji (reply with a Server or default Discord Emoji)


A person with the configured Admin role (or the Server Owner or a person with Admin permissions) can execute every Admin command and below
A person with the configured Moderator role can execute every Moderator command and below
A person with the configured Support role can execute every Support command and below
Everyone else can execute the Everyone commands

Everyone Commands (Click me)
Command Function
@XavinBot To see the prefix + Server Bot Settings
Avatar To see your or the provided users avatar + link
Help Show Help command
Emote Replace emotename by actual emotes (so non nitro users can use your gif server emotes)
Meme Get a random reddit meme (VoteLocked)
Ping Bot ping
RemindMe Reminder messages
Snipe Show last deleted message
Poll Creates a poll with emoji reactions
UserInfo Infos about a user
Support Commands (Click me)
Command Function
Case Show details of a specific case
Check Check all cases of a user
cList List all custom commands
Mute Mute a user
UnMute Unmute a user
Warn Warn a user
ServerInfo Information about the Server
Moderator Commands (Click me)
Command Function
Ban Ban a user
cAdd Add a custom command
cDel Delete a custom command
cEdit Edit a custom command
Kick Kick a user
ListRoles List all roles + ids of the Server
Lock Locks the channel (non writable) for @everyone
UnLock UnLocks the channel (writable) for @everyone
Nickname Change the nickname of a user
Purge Purge messages
UnBan Unban a user
Admin Commands (Click me)
Command Function
DefaultRoles Automatically give new users specific roles
BlacklistUser Prevent the use of the bot from specific users
BlacklistChannel Prevent the bot to answer in blacklisted channels (bot won't work in these channels)
BlacklistCommand To add or remove commands to the blacklist (command won't show in help menu and is not usable anymore)
BlacklistLog Toggle single logging events to be enabled or disabled
Prefix To change the prefix
RoleReact Create a message (or use a existing message) to grant a role with a emoji reaction
ScaleVC To activate/deactivate the auto scale channel
Set Set the Bot Permission Roles or the log channel
Spam To activate/deactivate the spam Protection
Welcome To activate/deactivate a welcome message


If you find any bugs, need help or want to share feedback and/or feature requests feel free to join the Support Server and have a chat