Want To Get All News About Gamig?With You Can You Can Do That And More Like ,Listen To Music 24/7,Get Support 24/7,Cool Logging .

Noxi Is An Discord Bot That Knowen For
-AutomoderationšŸ“ - Helps You Keep Your Server Clean From Bad Stuff!
-MusicšŸŽµ - Plays Any Song You Want Any Time You Want!

-WelcomešŸ  - Welcome Every New Memeber In Your Server!
-Verifyāœ… - Your Server Safe From Bots!
-Server CommandsšŸ’¬ - Keeps You Updated About Your Server!
-Games StatsšŸŽ® - Shows Yours Fortnite / CsGo Stats!

-Fun CommandsšŸŽ­ - Will Make Your Members Laugh!

We Are Planning To Luanch Some New Neat Commands In The Future,
Created Through The Advice Of The Communnity.
We Are Not Taking Any Money For Noxi, He Is Fully Free!
Noxi Is 24/7 Online As Well As Noxi's Support Server.


Created By: DreaMY#6224 RoXen#7011 HareL#2731

With Noxi You Can Manage All Of Your Server Easy! Noxi Is Free To Use Bot And He Can Do EvertyThing For You! Noxi Is 24/7!

-Patch NotesAnd Gaming News !

-Send Jokes!

-Music Command!

-Fortnite Stats Command!


-Welcome/Bye Image!

-Anti-Link Feature!

-CS:GO Stats Command!

-DATABASE Easy To Use!



-Steam Game Stats!

-And Much Much More!