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The Kirby Bot

A bot that is designed for most basic tasks, such as moderation. The bot can also do memes.


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The Kirby Bot is a bot that can do loads for your server. To start with, the bot can get memes from reddit (top 20 memes to be specific). Some commands are still in the works and do not work yet. They will start working eventually, but let's move on to something else.

The bot can work with an API that can generate trump tweets. Moderation is somewhat seen in the bot, with a ban command, kick command and an unban command. Music is still in the works, but it'll be added soon (hopefully). There is also a support server in case you need help with the bot! If there's something you want to know about an emoji that is custom made, --emojiinfo will tell you all about it, from if it's twitch managed, to if it requires colons. It can even tell you the emoji id! Errors are taken seriously, and we read all the errors that are logged. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention. All the errors are logged into the support server, and are always tried to fix. Sometimes, it takes a long time for the error to be fixed, but it'll definitely being fixed at one point.

Have you wanted to send some feedback to this bot, but there's no way you can? You probably haven't, but if you do want to send feedback, then --devmsg is for you. Speaking of thinking about stuff, let's say you found a cool user, and wanted to find out more about the user, such as when they joined Discord. Or, maybe the same situation, but with a bot. Well, --userinfo can do all that, both for bots and users!

It's an all-in-one, that is for everyone! Ok, let's be honest, when you make an awesome product, you want some donations. Some people make you pay to use the bot, some people do allow you to donate to the bot, but until you donate, let's say you just get spam pinged by the bot to donate. It's annoying, isn't it? Well, you can donate whenever you want, or you can choose to not donate at all! No silly fees, just an awesome product that anybody can use and anybody can support. The Kirby Bot, an awesome all-in-one product, for your Discord server. Invite today!

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