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A bot that hosts mafia games on your discord server! Test your friendships with 5 modes and over 25+ unique roles!


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New Christmas Update!

For a limited time, you have the chance to earn loot boxes when you win games! Other visual updates are also live!

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Bored in your discord server? Why not lie and deceive one another! With over 25+ roles and a fun heist economy, you'll never see your friends the same again!

On 24/7!(Except during updates)

Current Patch: 2.6


  1. Have all your players type m.join to join the party.

  2. Once there are at least 5 people, have the party leader type m.setup for everyone to receive their roles through DM.

  3. When everyone is ready, type m.start to play!

  4. Mafiabot creates a separate text channel on your server, where it will host the game!

  5. Through dms, the bot will prompt roles to choose their targets by reacting to a letter corresponding to their target

  6. After all roles have finished their job, the bot will notify the group the outcome of the night and prompt everyone for votes to lynch someone.

  7. The person with the most vote will be lynched, and their role will be revealed.

  8. The cycle continues until the mafia side or the villager side wins.

Mafiabot also plays mini games including duels, slot machines and a fun heist system! Rob money from your friends and equip gear to help you become the wealthiest person in your server!

More content/gamemodes will be added in the future!

Current Modes!

Classic - Fun classic mafia you play with your small group of friends! Enjoy classic roles like mafia, detective and doctor!

Crazy - Bring some spice into your game with crazy new roles like vigilante and framer!

Chaos - Add a lot of heat to your game with new roles like bomber, spy, and more!

Corona - Filled with absolute anarchy, enjoy unthinkable roles like goose and hoarder!

Crimson - Mysterious roles like the Alchemist that will turn the tides!


Make sure every player has "Allow Direct Messages from Server Members" ON in Privacy settings.(User settings > Privacy & Safety > Allow Direct Messages from Server Members)

The bot must have correct permissions to play (Type m.perms for details)

Two-Factor Authentication is required ?

Please note that there will be times when the bot will be turned off to add extra features. We will try our best to make sure we don't interrupt any games.

If the bot stops working during a game, just do the following:
1. Have an admin or party leader use the m.reset command (This command must only be used if you are certain the bot has crashed during a game.)
2. Report the bug to the support server and we will try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Feel free to join the Mafia discord server to report bugs, give feedback or just have fun! We play mafia everyday AND sometimes do giveaways!

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User Reviews


Based on 53 reviews

avatar of Wall
Wall 2 months ago

I got friends by using this bot :D

avatar of MafiaBot
MafiaBot 2 months ago

I'm kind of concerned but nice!

Replying to Wall

avatar of MafiaBot
MafiaBot 2 months ago

Me also like.

Replying to maisioui

avatar of LapisLazuili
LapisLazuili 2 months ago

The bot is amazing, when you join you get nervous because you don’t know what you’ll get for your role. Will you get town neutral or mafia? Come play and find out. Trust me, you’ll wanna.


avatar of Mudit
Mudit 2 months ago

Nice bot, and there is no gun pointing at me rn AAA HELP


avatar of Varun
Varun 2 months ago

A bot full of suspense, ultimate thriller. The bot matches the kind of game I wanted to play, and indeed the best fun bot I have ever used. A game where things change every minute, plot twists in seconds. And indeed, made numerous friends playing mafia. The best fun bot around. Try now if you love strategy-making and thrilling games.

avatar of MafiaBot
MafiaBot 2 months ago

How the turn tables indeed

Replying to Varun

avatar of D4rK
D4rK 2 months ago

Epic bot! Probably the best public Mafia bot around, and no doubt the most used.


avatar of moment
moment 2 months ago

unlike wall i lost friends using this bot but that’s ok i’m pretty sure they were all imaginary anyway :D the bot is very fun :D


avatar of Jayson Samples
Jayson Samples 2 months ago

Best bot around. Great way to get friends. Play in the support server and you'll have thousands of friends in no time. I had a lot of fun playing with it. Play and believe me you'll like it. Thanks to linkboi for making such an epic bot.


avatar of MrDragonBoi ඞ
MrDragonBoi ඞ 2 months ago

Just the best bot. Also don't ping linkboi or byebye wins >:]


avatar of Dark Frenzy
Dark Frenzy 2 months ago

The bot is not bad indeed but i hate the timer and we need more minigames. But personally the bot is gd


avatar of MarshMellow
MarshMellow 2 months ago

It fun, one of my friends always rages when they are false accused but its fun


avatar of ayukays
ayukays 1 month ago

AMAZING BOT, LOVE IT! The only problem i have with it is that it doesn't have other languages, my server is a brazillian server and not everyone understands english, so it makes hard for them to learn how to play, besides that, perfect bot! also i would be down to translate it, if possible!


avatar of lil_noodle
lil_noodle 1 month ago

amazing bot! would 100% recommend!


avatar of Aralim
Aralim 1 month ago

Dashboard down. But the bot and the idea is very nice, and I like the effort that was put into it!


avatar of ExpiredMilk
ExpiredMilk 1 month ago

I'm having trouble setting up the bot. It is not responding to my commands when I send it in my server. I have used this bot in other servers. It works great! But its not working in my server :/