A bot that hosts mafia games on your discord server! Test your friendships with 4 modes and over 25+ unique roles!

Created By: linkboi# 8965


Bored in your discord server? Why not lie and deceive one another! With over 25+ roles and a fun heist economy, you'll never see your friends the same again!

On 24/7!(Except during updates)

Current Patch: 2.1

Mafiabot creates a separate text channel on your server, where it will host the game!

Through dms, the bot will prompt roles to choose their targets.

After all roles have finished their job, the bot will notify the group the outcome of the night and prompt everyone for votes to lynch someone.

The person with the most vote will be lynched, and their role will be revealed.

The cycle continues until the mafia side or the villager side wins.

Mafiabot also plays mini games including duels, slot machines and a fun heist system! Rob money from your friends and equip gear to help you become the wealthiest person in your server!

More content/gamemodes will be added in the future!

Current Roles

Classic Mode

Godfather - Choose who to kill each night. If there are no mafias you will do it yourself.

Mafia- Kill whoever the Godfather commands

Doctor- Save mafia's victims

Detective- Find the mafia

Crazy Mode:

Jester- A pyscho who wins by having the town lynch him!

Vigilante- A good-hearted hero who's goal is to kill all mafias. However the vigialnte will commit suicide if he/she shot the wrong person.

Villager- Just a normal person who might get accused of crime!

Mayor- A villager who has the power of two votes if he/she decides to reveal the role!

Framer- Frames one person each night to look like the mafia to investigative roles!

Executioner - Tries to get the town to lynch a target!

Chaos Mode:

Distractor - Blocks a person from using their role!

Baiter - Kills whoever visits you at night!

Bomber - Tries to kill everyone with bombs!

PI - Investigates two people to see if they are on the same side!

Spy - Spies on a player each night to see who they visit!

Santa(Only available during holidays) - Keep your target alive to win!

Corona Mode:

Plague Doctor - Infect everyone to win!

Hoarder - Kill people for their toilet paper and build up your stash!

Link - Use telepathy to link two people and show them each other's roles!

Hacker - Visits a player and get a list of three possible roles!

Goose - Create absolute chaos by changing a player's target each night randomly!


Make sure every player has "Allow Direct Messages from Server Members" ON in Privacy settings.(User settings > Privacy & Safety > Allow Direct Messages from Server Members)

The bot must have permissions to manage channels, mute members, manage roles, etc in order to function.

Two-Factor Authentication is required

Please note that there will be times when the bot will be turned off to add extra features. We will try our best to make sure we don't interrupt any games.

If the bot stops working during a game, just do the following:
1. Have an admin use the m.reset command (This command must only be used if you are certain the bot has crashed during a game.)
2. Report the bug to the support server and we will try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Feel free to join the Mafia discord server to report bugs, give feedback or just have fun! We host weekly mafia games AND sometimes do giveaways!