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A Discord bot for running commands in secure sandboxes


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A Discord bot for running commands in secure sandboxes.. In other words, you can create a totally isolated "computer", optionally with preinstalled programs, per channel.


Here are some of the commands you can use, and what they do:

  • $ info will show some info about Term, and also list the commands
  • $ create will create a container for the current channel if one doesn't exist
  • $ remove will remove the current channel's container if it exists
  • $ <command> or $ run <command> will run bash commands in the current channel's container


Term supports creating containers with preinstalled commands. We call the collections of tools associations.

Below are our current associations. Feel free to open an issue or merge request if you'd like more.

  • python, python3: Python version 3 with pip
  • python2: Python version 2 with pip
  • node: A NodeJS environment with npm, node, and yarn
  • docker: Docker within Docker, for Dockerception
  • perl: Just a perl environment
  • ruby: A Ruby environment with gem and ruby installed
  • alpine: Alpine Linux, with updated package lists
  • linux, ubuntu, ubuntu1804: Ubuntu 18.04; make sure to run apt-get update
  • ubuntu1810: Ubuntu 18.10; also make sure to run apt-get update
  • arch, archlinux: A basic Arch Linux installation
  • go, golang: a fully working Go setup

To use an association, for example python, use $ create python.

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