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A bot made for and to provide virtual leaderboards like kills, deaths, playtime and more.


! (customizable)
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A Discord bot specifically made for and


  • Almost every command which can be used on the Minecraft server can be used in Discord
  • Chatbridge between the Minecraft and Discord-bot
  • Restart notifications for 2b2t

    Bot commands:

    Command Description
    !setup Used for initial guild setup. Enables the bot in a server
    !config Used to configure the bot. Subcommands: commands, livechat, notifs, remove
    !prefix Used to change or view the current prefix
    !welcome Sends the welcome message with some basic instructions
    !features Displays current and upcoming features
    !q Displays the current queue information about 2b2t and more
    *!tps/uptime/players Displays various statistics about the server
    *!clout <word> Counts the number of occurences of <word> in the chatlog database.
    !search Searches for a username in the database
    !stats Shows kills, deaths and KD Ratio for a user
    *!joindate Shows joindates
    !kills Shows a users recorded kills
    !deaths Shows a users recorded deaths
    !firstkill Shows the first kill of a user
    !lastkill Shows the last kill of a user
    !firstdeath Shows the first death of a user
    !lastdeath Shows the last death of a user
    !firstwords Shows the first words of a user
    !lastwords Shows the last words of a user
    !messages Counts total messages and shows last 5 messages
    !oldname(s) Displays old usernames if they exist
    !fact Gives a random (useless) fact
    !penis Well, what do you think it will do? (SFW)
    * Commands listed with an asterisk are only available for, with one exception for !tps/uptime/players which works for both

    Bot statistics as of 2020-08-24:

    Guilds 594
    Command channels 300
    Livechat channels 188
    Set-up restart notifications 202 guilds
    Users pinged on restart 1815
    Command channels 69
    Livechat channels 56

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