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It's Simple And Easy To Use.A Moderation And Multi Functioned Plus A Gaming Bot For PUBG MOBILE.

This Bot Command Prefix Is a! Here Are All The Helpful Commands You Can Use: Moderation Commands

1)a!help=Shows A List Of Helpful Commands.

2)a!ban [@Mention]=Ban A Mentioned Member*

3)a!unban [@Mention]=Unban A Mentioned Member*

4)a!kick [@Mention]=Kick Out A Mentioned Member*

5)a!subscribe=Shows The Bot Creator YouTube Channel Link.

6)a!supportserver=Shows The Invitation Link Of The Support Server.

7)a!online=Shows Total Online Members Number.

8)a!offline=Shows Total Offline Members Number.

9)a!mute [@Mention]=Mute The Mentioned User.[Please Create A Role Named Muted Otherwish It Will Not Work]*

10)a!invisible=Shows Total Invisible Members Number.

11)a!dnd=Shows Total Do Not Disturb (DND) Members Number.

12)a!date=Show The Current Date.

13)a!id=Shows The Current User ID.

14)a!channelid=Shows The Current Channel ID.

15)a!info=Show The Bot Information.

16)a!clear [1/1000]=Clear The Previous Messages[Excluding Any Messages Older Than 2 Week And Please Write The Exact Number Of Message That Are Not Older Than 2 Weeks Betweem 1 To 1000]*

17)a!roleid=Shows The Mentioned Role ID.

18)a!verify [@Mention Yourself]=Verify The User And Gave A Role Named Verified[Please Create A Role Named Verified For Work][@Mention Yourself Will Be Removed In The Future][BETA]

19)a!dm [@Mention]=Direct Message[DM]To The Mentioned User.*

20)a!embed=Send A Embed Message Typed By The User.*

21)a!membercount=Show Total Members Of The Current Server.

22)a!invite=Shows The Invitation Link To Invite The Bot In Your Server.

23)a!giveaway [Text]=Giveaway Anything That User Typed To Random Picked Member[No Time Limits,Giveaway Will Be Annouced When The a/giveaway Command Triggered And Annouuce A Random Winner Without Any Participations][BETA]*

24)a!say [Text]=Send A Text That User Type.

25)a!nitro [Mention]=Send A Fake Nitro Prime Gift To The Mentioned User With A Photo.

26)a!poll 1 [Text]=Create A 2 Optioned Yes And No Question.

27)a!unmute [@Mention]=Unmute The Mentioned User.

28)a!serverinfo=Shows Information About The Server[BETA]

29)a!warn [@Mention] [Text]=Warns The Mentioned User[Reason Required]

30)a!help 2=Shows The Other List Of Helpful Commands

31)a!poll 2 [Text]=Create A Two Optioned Like And Dislike Question.

32)a!poll 3 [Text]=Create A 4 Optioned Quality Question.


Use a!help pubg For All The PUBG MOBILE Command List

1)a!map list=Shows All The PUBG Map List.

2)a!map erangel=Shows The Erangel Map.

3)a!map sanhok=Shows The Sanhok Map.

4)a!map miramar=Shows The Miramar Map.

5)a!map vikendi=Shows The Vikendi Map.

6)a!map Karakin=Shows The Karakin Map.

7)a!pubg guntypes=Shows The PUBG Gun Types And Info.

8)a!pubg arlist=Shows All The Assault Rifle[AR]Gun List And Info.

9)a!pubg sniperlist:Shows The Bolt Action Sniper Rifle List And Info.

10)a!pubg dmrlist=Shows The Marks Man Sniper Rifle List And Info.

11)a!pubg shotgunlist=Shows The Shotgun List Info.

12)a!pubg pistolist=Shows The Pistol List And Info.

13)a!pubg meleeist=Shows The Melee Weopon List.

14)a!pubg scopelist=Shows The PUBG Scope List.

15)a!winner [@Mention]=Create A PUBG MOBILE Match Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Embed Text With Picture.

Message With The Symbol [*] Means User Need Adminstrative Permission To Use This Command And [BETA]Means The Command Is Not Fully Completed And May Not Work Fully For Information About A Specific Command Write a/[The Commands Number] For Get More Information About That Command Please Support Us On With A Few Donations To Keep Improving Our Bot As Mush As Possible Thanks.

This Bot Has Some Hidden Featues That Is Only For The Creator Of This Bot

Please Note That This Bot Also Blocks Abusive Comments And This Bot Delete That Message And Warn The User.

For Any Help Direct Message Me Through Discord

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My Discord User ID:524157676649709570

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