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GalaxySim is a space based MMO / RPG where players explore, fight, and colonize the ∞ number of star systems and planets.

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Key Features

  • Procedurally Generated Map with millions of star systems
  • One map / world for all users
  • Player interaction & Roleplay
  • Currently in Alpha stages of development, many updates to come


Specific command usages / help type .help {command name}

Below is a guide of the game in its current state.

Making an account

To make an account use any of the game commands available, and one will automatically be generated for you.


The map is a grid spanning from -1000 -> 1000 on both x and y axis. Each coordinate pair (star system) has its own unique planets, resources, and asteroid belts. It is randomly generated as explored.


To move you ship from one system to another, you will need to use the .warp {x} {y} command. Warping takes time and fuel to do.


As you move around you will need fuel, you have two options. You can mine ore and use the .process {#}command to process fuel blocks, OR g$return to return to your closest colony to refuel for free or local trade system.


To find information about the system you are in and its planets, use .scan


Colonies are a big part of the game. To colonize planets simply scan a system and find a planet you want to place a colony on, then use g$colonize {planet-name} to colonize it for a price.

Colonies and money

To grow your population of your colonies, you will need to invest money into them with the .invest {colony} {#}. As your colonies population grows, so does the profit it generates and the speed of generation. To generate money at a colony it requires raw ore (mined asteroids). To deposit asteroids in your colony from your ship use .deposit ore {colony} {#}.

Bots & Automation

To automate the gathering of ores generating passive income you will need to buy miner bots for your colony. You can do so with .bots buy mining {#} {colony}. NOTE: They consume asteroids in system so be careful of how many you put per system...


To mine star systems asteroids, find a system that has plenty with .scan, then use .mine. This will activate your mining lasers and will take time depending on how much yield your lasers bring.


Alliances and corporations are a good way to team up with your friends and conquest space together. There are many commands associated with alliances, so i will list them below.is the general idea.

Alliance General Commands

  • .ally create {name}
  • .ally join {name}
  • .ally leave
  • .ally stats
  • .ally members
  • .ally invest {amount}

Alliance owner commands

  • .ally apps list {#}
  • .ally apps accept {#}
  • .ally apps deny {#}
  • .ally disband
  • .ally kick {user}
  • .ally set description {string}
  • .ally set tax {%}
  • .ally set home {x} {y}


If you want to upgrade your ships subsystems, you can do so. Simple use .upgrade {type} {amount} The current upgrade types available are as below

  • mining
  • warp
  • scan
  • attack
  • defence


You can place bounties on users or add to their existing bounty with .bounty add {user} {#}


There are many leaderboards available to see the best of the best. The leaderboard commands are listed below.

  • .leaderboard user credits {#}
  • .leaderboard user colonies {#}
  • .leaderboard alliance credits {#}
  • .leaderboard alliance members {#}

Quick Info

To quickly view your position use .pos To quickly view your balance use .bal


Voting on DBL gives user a 20% industry boost for 12 hours.

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