WF Lookup


Bot for looking up prime parts, relics and prices.

WF Lookup Commands Prefix: @

80 servers 1 shards


Created By: Rekondo# 2910

A simple (for now) bot using discord.io that helps you see what relics to run for the prime part you need, or what parts a relic has, and for doing quick price checks on warframe.market.

No prefix, just @ the bot


Use @WF Lookup to prefix each command
prime name - check what relics drop the part you want (can be partial names)
relic tier name - check what parts a relic drop
price name - check price statistics from warframe.market (requires full name)


prime nyx
prime sybaris prime barrel
relic axi a4
price sybaris prime barrel

I plan on expanding this bot to include more lookups and more detailed and customizable lookups too in the future.

I get the data from warframe-drop-data (https://github.com/WFCD/warframe-drop-data) credit goes to them for that.
I get the price data from warframe.market, all credit goes to them.