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Gerald is a one-of-a-kind bot! He has all the usual commands you'd expect in a bot, ranging from server information commands to fun and useful ones. He also has some more unique commands like our Chat AI, our Starboard and Nitrolite which are a great match for any server!

Actions commands

Gerald features a wide variety of action commands. This includes:

  • hugging
  • headpatting
  • kissing 😳
  • slapping
  • tickling
  • poking
  • nomming and more to come...

Fun commands

Gerald also has a large number of entertainment commands. He has some classics such as dog and cat to show you images of, well, dogs and cats, as well as some crowd favourites. Here's some of our favourites:

  • meme: generates memes for you! Choose your template and captions and let Gerald do the rest!
  • wyr: A classic 'Would you rather' game, provides the user with 2 options, and they must choose one!
  • count: allows you to set up a channel which can be used to count up (or down if you prefer) for as long as you can with your server members! Keep in mind, there are some rules you need to follow...
  • chat: possibly our favourite command and our most renowned, we use a custom-made and self-hosted Chatbot which you can talk to!
  • inspiro: Will collect a very inspirational message from InspiroBot
  • pp: If you know, you know...
  • define: Collects a definition from the Urban Dictionary

And many, many more!

Information commands

The section for the more useful commands, the info commands will find information about members, your server, Gerald's response time and even coding cheat sheets! Additionally, our help command can be found here.

Management commands

Another useful section, the commands you find here will help to manage Gerald in your server. Here, you can configure the bot.

  • enable: enables disabled commands
  • disable: disables enabled commands
  • prefix: allows you to change the prefix
  • whitelist: allows you to choose where Gerald will and won't work

Utility commands

These commands are, well, utilities. They allow you to set up some interesting server-related things. This includes:

  • starboard: simply choose a channel and a number of stars required and you're all set! Any message which reaches the star count will be automatically added to the channel of your choice!
  • welcomer: a channel designated for welcoming members to your server! Choose your own join and leave messages and Gerald will welcome and farewell members!
  • enlarge: Ever seen an emote that's too small? This command will jumboify it for you! (works for emote names AND emote IDs for people without nitro)
  • nitrolite: Speaking of not having nitro, this feature allows you to get it! Any server Gerald is in is another server you can use emotes from! Simply place square brackets around the emote and Gerald will find an emote and send it for you! EG: [:an_animated_emote:]
  • suggest: Allows you to set up a suggestions channel. Suggestions can be sent in by users and voted on by anyone in the suggestions channel.
  • compile: Allows you to compile quick code snippets as a proof-of-concept or for testing!
  • tunnel: This command is special, When set up, two servers may communicate via a tunnel! All messages on one side of the tunnel will be relayed to the other and vice versa. You will magically appear on the other side of the tunnel!

If you have any questions, queries or concerns, Please join our support server and talk to us!

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