Tsumiki is a multipurpose bot that aims to collect many of the popular smaller functionalities into one bot.

Created By: Kuuko# 0001

Tsumiki Tsumiki Tsumiki

How to get started with the bot?

Step 1: Add it to your server, either click "invite" on top of the page or click on the "Add Tsumiki" image.

Step 2: Allow the bot with the permissions that is pre-checked.
Note: Failing to do so, may result in my bot not working corretly, or not work optimally for best results!

Step 3: Learn the bot's prefix, you can find that on top of this page. ~
Note: You can also ask in a channel my bot is in
Example: "What is your prefix @Tsumiki#0772?"

Step 4: Do ~Help or ~Help List - This will give you all the commands that my bot has to offer.
Note: Use the purple arrow emojis, to move right or left between pages!

Step 5: Do ~Help [Command Name] - for more details on how to use that command.

Step 6: [optional] If you prefer the Help list in DMs, include -DM or -PM at the end of the Help List command.
Example: ~Help List -pm or ~Help List -dm

Step 7: [optional] Join my Support server, to keep yourself updated on new releases! :3

Main Feature for the bot: (Currently being Developed)

  • 70+ Unique Reaction/Action/Expression Commands (hug, kiss, cuddle, shrug etc)

Visit Tsumiki Github Page for more details

See the Wiki for all commands!

Check out our Twitter to stay updated!