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A powerful anonymous message and image posting bot with moderation capabilities.






ConfessionBot allows members of your server to post limited anonymous messages to channels of your choice.


Within the bot, use cb!help for a current list of commands.

  • cb!set cb!setuntraceable and cb!unset are all the commands related to creating and removing confessions channels, setuntraceable forgoes anonymous IDs, meaning users are completely anonymous, this has the side-effect of disabling moderation commands.
  • cb!ban and cb!unban allow moderators to ban and unban users of the confessions channel without knowing who they are. Anonymous IDs are provided which allow you to tell users apart and ban/unban one of them.
  • cb!shuffle because people might eventually figure out who someone with an anon-id is, you can use this command to shuffle everyone's anon-ids to hide them again.
  • cb!setprefix and cb!unsetprefix allow you to use ConfessionBot with a custom prefix if you prefer.
  • cb!enableimage and cb!disableimage allow admins to enable or disable anonymous image sharing using ConfessionBot.
  • More features can be added by request!

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