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NewsBot Commands Prefix: !nb

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Created By: Zecuel# 5768

What is NewsBot?

NewsBot is a Discord bot which crawls various game's websites, such as the CS:GO updates -page or OSRS homepage and checks for new news articles every 30 minutes.

Whenever there is a new article, it will send the article as a Discord message to all Discord channels that are subscribed to that game's news schedule.

Purpose: The purpose of this Discord bot is to automate sending updates about various games to Discord servers. This makes it easy to keep track of game updates without leaving the comfort of your Discord server.

List of supported games

Left: Game name | Right: command

  • CS:GO                                | csgo
  • Oldschool Runescape    | osrs

How to use the bot

  • Invite this bot to your Discord server with this link.

  • All commands start with !nb. To get a list of supported commands, run !nb help.

Useful commands:

  • Add the desired game to the news schedule by running the command !nb addgame <game>.
    Updates will be sent to the channel this command was run on.

  • If you want to remove a game from the news schedule, run the command !nb removegame <game>.
    The current channel will be removed from the news schedule.

  • Get the latest news article instantly by running the command !nb news <game> on the desired Discord text channel.

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Currently, the only contributor of this repository is Zecuel. You can contact him by email.


This repository/bot is licenced under the MIT license. Anyone is allowed to modify, share or use this repository, even commercially.