Multi-purpose bot, try out the brand new MMO, Dio's World! Awaken a stand with powerful and unique abilities, and battle in PvP or PvE!

Created By: neelio# 1762

To bring up a more detailed help menu: "@Dio help" or ";help"

You can change Dio's prefix to any single character with the "changeprefix" command

MMO/Game (;helpmmo)

adventure (Go on an adventure and collect some items!)

job (Work hard and make some money!)

fight (Fight someone in an all out stand battle!)

arena (Wager a bet and fight an endless amount of stand users!)

quest (Challenge a stand user to a battle and loot them!)

buy (Buy an item from the shop!)

sell (Sell an item to the shop!)

stats (View an overview of all your stats!)

stand (View your active stand and its abilities!)

swap (Swap out your active stand for a different one!)

use (Use an item from your inventory to upgrade your stats!)

vote (Vote for Dio and receive rewards!)

Custom commands (;helpcustom)

addcmd (Add a custom command)

customcmds (View all the server's custom commands)

delcmd (Delete a custom command)

Fun/Text commands (;helpfun)

8ball (Ask Dio a question!)

getmeme (get a meme!)

rate (Dio rates something on a scale of 1-100)

reddit (Pull a random hot post from any subreddit)

Miscellaneous commands (;helpmisc)

owstats (Pull up a player's Overwatch stats)

weather (Get the weather in a given city)

Moderation (;helpmod)

addrole (Add a role to a user)

delrole (Remove a role from a user)

kick (Kick someone from the server)

vckick (Kick someone from a voice channel)

ban (Ban someone from the server)

bzd (Mass delete messages, 100 max per use)

Utility/Misc (;helputils)

changeprefix (Change Dio’s prefix, must be one character)

channelinfo (Get info on the current text channel)

serverinfo (Get info on the current server)

userinfo (Get info on a user)