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Yay!~ Bot

Yay!~ Bot




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Yay! Bot

Yay!~ Bot#4216 is an MLP Fan and Fun Bot.

Support Server


How does this Bot work?
    Pretty Simple:
  1. 1. Invite me to your server
  2. 2. Just wait ;)
  3. - Random User-Message ~ Sending a random DM/PM Message to one of all Users I know.
  4. - Random Channel-message ~ Sending a random messages into a random channel of one of all Servers I know. (I can only send messages into channels I have permissions to)
  5. - [Coming soon] Random Fun-Sound ~ Selecting a random voice channels (with users in it) and playing a short fun sound. (Again, only in Voice-channels I have permissions to play sound)
  6. 4. You don't have todo anything else yet :) But you are free to join our server: https://discord.gg/kkTcW5z

How common are the messages?

It's based on the number of users and guilds I know - to prevent of messaging to rare.

What I can say is, that there are different messages with different with different rarities. The most common message appears once per day at a random time of the day.

Okay, and how often do the messages appear? I mean how do you count?

Uh, I currently count 500 Users per 'Random User-Message'. 'Random Channel-message' are currently disabled as I first want to know how fast the Bot joins new Servers/Guilds; and 'Random Fun-Sound' is also disabled during development [Beta]. But I can't guaranty this to 100% as I may change the numbers over time [maybe without updating this FAQ].

Why does this Bot exists?!?

It exists, because someone had the Idea of random "Yay!~" messages... (And then the idea of adding also other messages and more random messages and more things and then the idea of Random Fun-Sounds usw.)

Can I request a feature?/another function?

Sure you can! Just join my support Server and request your idea - https://discord.gg/kkTcW5z (If your feature does not fit into this Bot, there is a high chance that it will be added to another of our Bots)

"The Bot spams a channel" or "The Bot spams my Members"

It should not! The messages are pretty rare and they will stay rare! But if the Bot really spams you, please join the support server immediately and notify us!- https://discord.gg/kkTcW5z - If it's a problem we will shut down the Bot immediately as we never wanted to spam anyone. The issues will be fixed asap. The Bot comes online again after the issues got fixed.

"I love your Bot, can I support you?"

Sure you can! How about joining our server to show some love? ♥ https://discord.gg/kkTcW5z

If you want to do more, then please look at our server or just ask there. The most things you can do to help us is related to different of our Bots.

The Bot does ... nothing :/

You are sure? Is the Bot offline? (If yes, then feel free to join our server to notify me https://discord.gg/kkTcW5z). The Bot isn't offline? Then it works well :D The chances to get a message is just really rare. But you can tell that to me and I can higher the chances ;)

Some Commands

  • y!help does not exists yet, because there is nothing to show except the FAQ above. But we will include the FAQ soon.
  • y!ping
  • y!about
  • y!say Let me say something
  • y!sayd Let me say something [and I will delete your message, if I have permissions to]
  • y!disconnect or y!dc and I will leave the current Voice Channel(if I'm in one) [This command exists more for debugging reasons, but everyone can use it at anytime]
  • y!toggle < Fun-Sound | Channel-message | User-Message > - {Coming soon} deactivate/activate single randoms [default: all-active]
  • y!once < Time in days > - {Coming soon} Saves the last random on your server and prevents emitting again for X days (Channel-message & User-Message only)
  • y!stop [Time, ex. 5d4h] - {Coming soon} Deactivate every Random DM/PM message to you & random mentions [If you add a time, ex. 5d4h then it will be activated again after that time] (random mentions are just another idea, it's still open if it comes or not)
  • y!want [Time, ex. 1d7h] - {Coming soon} Activates every Random DM/PM message to you & random mentions again [If you add a time, ex. 1d7h then it will be activated after that time]

Note: We can exclude special servers on message. This is helpful for ex. BotList servers which does not want to message there users random. (This will deactivate 'Random Fun-Sound' & 'Random Channel-message', 'Random User-Message' emits only on users also known from another guild.) [deactivating 'Random User-Message' is coming asap]

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