Created By: glabadie# 5760

There were recent changes to Discord that stopped the invite link from working. Everything should be working perfectly now!

Urbot is a League of Legends gacha bot where you can collect, trade, befriend, and train hundreds of different champions and Little Legends. Encourage server activity with a competitive spirit with both a local and global leaderboard, collection achievements, badges for different regions and skin lines, and daily rewards.

Increase server activity with:

  • 1000+ different characters to collect
  • 100+ achievements to achieve
  • Level up through activity
  • Trade with your friends to collect them all
  • Interact with your favorite characters to increase their mastery level
  • Take care of your Little Legend
  • And much much more

Urbot is used in the Official LEC Discord Server! Even Riot Games loves Urbot.

Latest Patch Notes:

-October 9th, 2020-

Things have been crazy so this is the first official update in a while, but bugfixed and structure updates have been coming out all along. Anyway, today I've added Mastery Levels! Interact with your characters and get their Affection super high to increase their mastery! It can only go up to Mastery 5 through interaction though. Past that, you have to combine Mastery 5 characters of the same skin to get them to 6, and 3 Mastery 6 characters to get them to 7! This will give you a use for all of those dupes you have..