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Calculate queries, convert units, exchange currency, create graphs and much more. All of these and much more inside Discord.


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Discord Bot Calculator

Calculator is one of the best Discord Calculator Bots out there. Calculate all types of Math queries, Convert from different Units and even visuallize your Math Query with Graphs.

You need to solve a Math query really quick but are too lazy to open the Calculator? The Calculator is the right choice for you. Dont need to open any third party apps, just use the command and type your Math Query.

You dont want to waste time by typing a command?

Calculator also has a solution for this problem. With a simple command you can link a Discord Channel so the bot will ALWAYS respond in this channel without needing to type any extra command. Plain and simple, send only your Math Query.

• Convert from different Units.

Calculator can convert from one Unit to another with just a simple command [No command in Linked Channel Required]. You can convert from over 45 different units. If you feel like there is a Unit missing, than you can create your own Unit with a simple command [createUnit].

• Create Graphs.

With this bot you can also create graphs using your Math Equation. All you need to do is use the command with your Math Equation and than the bot will send you the graph in a PNG type.

• Keywords.

Tired of typing the same MathQuery over and over again? Calculator has a solution for you. With the Keywords feature you can save your most used MathQuery by only typing your prefered word.

Example: You can save (2 + 3) * 9 / 3 as myCalc. The saved name myCalc can later be used in any calculations.

  • myCalc + 30
  • Result: 45

• Currency.

With Calculator you can also convert from one currency to another. The exchange rates get updated every 2 hours. You can choose between over 150 currencies.

• Queries History.

Unlike every other bot, Claculator saves your history so you can copy and reuse your Math Query. It can save upto 1,000 Queries, after that it will start to delete the oldest ones.

• Linked Channels.

Calculator has one of the best features a Calculator bot can have. The LinkedChannel feature allows users to calculate math queries without needing a prefix. There are currently 2 types of LinkedChannels:

  1. calcOnly
  2. normal.

CalcOnly is thought for people who want to have a special calcualtor channel only, the bot will react to every message sent in this channel. Normal is different, it allows users to normaly communicate in this channel, the bot only reacts to valid Math Queries

• DM Channel.

We also thought about users who just dont want to create a server just for the bot, so we decided to allow users the usage of Calculator in their DM's. The only catch is that it will NOT save your Math Queries and your Calculations count.

Config Commands

Here are a few Calculator Config commands

linkedchannel add: Links a channel in which users do NOT need to type a command or a prefix to solve a Math Qeury. People can also talk normally in this channel.
create-unit: Create your own Unit.
keyword: Creates keywords and makes calculating easier
delete-message: Sets if the user or the bot message should get deleted after `25 Seconds`.
commander-Role: All members with this role will be able to use ALL Claculator command without any Discord Server Permissions.
prefix: Changes the Bots prefix.


• 99.99% Uptime.
• Regular Updates.
• 24/7 Discord Support.
• Nice Design.
• Customizable. and much more...

• Do you want to get to know Calculator better? If yes than Invite him now beacuse its for free :D

• Something went wrong and you need help? Join our Support Server and ask every question you want. We will be there for you.

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