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The bot opens tickets with one simple command -new also the setup is easy as to open a ticket -setup


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Tickets Bot

If you donate to our project and join our server you will get vip role and some free stuff!.

Tickets Bot is a Tickets opening Bot with a easy to use commadns and easy setup.


If you vote for this bot you will get patreon use commadns


Make sure you didn't disable private messages.
Once you invite this Bot to your Server you will get a private Message with some Information about the Bot.
If you are not the Server Owner you can setup the bot by doing -setup.


    Prefix (-prefix newPrefix)

    Change the prefix on your Server
    dont know the prefix? type sprifx and the bot will tell you it


    are the main thing of the bot but you know after the setup it's the user and admins part. go down to see the commands i have for you

    Support Team role

    ok so after you did -setup you see some stuff like new channels or new roles the most important thing you need to do is asigan the role to you trusted admins and set the channel ticket-logs premissoins (do not tuch the name)


    If you find any bugs, need help or want to share feedback and/or feature requests feel free to join the Support Server and have a chat


    Most of them only work for Support Team ST/admins = Support team

    Command Function Needed Role
    help Show Help command Everyone
    new creates a new ticket Everyone
    close close a ticket (can be used by the ticket oppner or Support team member) admin/opener
    bug report a bug (bug is been sent to the support server) Everyone
    forceclose force the close off a ticket ST
    inactive to make ticket inactive ST
    bant Ban a user from opening a ticket Admin
    active to make ticket active Admin
    unbant unban Admin
    prefix Change the prefix of the bot Admin
    clean (number) clean the chat Admin
    ping bot reply his ping Everyone
    setup Initial bot setup Admin
    sprefix show the server prefix Everyone
    change log #1
    added commands
    req (Request current channel log. Must be ticket creator! BETA) Add (add user to ticket. Must be ticket creator!) Remove (remove user to ticket. Must be ticket creator!)

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