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A Discord bot that allow anyone to pin messages in your server


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Why would I need a bot for that ?

If you want users to pin message, they must have the "Manage Messages" permission.
However that include the ability to delete messages so it can be a bit risky to give it to everyone.
Thanks to this bot, anyone is now able to pin message by writing or by adding 📌 emote to the corresponding message.

Command list

Pin [(optionnal) message/user ID]: Pin a message
Unpin [message ID]: Unpin a message Language [language name]: Set my speaking language
Verbosity [none/error/info]: Set if I say something or not when something occur
Whitelist [(optionnal)roles]: Set the roles that can pin messages, don't write anything for all
Prefix [(optionnal)prefix]: Set the prefix for bot command, don't write anything to allow the use of command without one
Gdpr: Display the information I have about this guild
Info: Display various information about me

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If you want to translate Pina in your language please follow the steps as described in the translation submodule.

Contact me

Have any question ?
You can either contact me on Discord (Zirk#0001) or by mail ([email protected]).

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