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PUBG After-Action Report



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PUBG After-Action Report

Only supports PUBG PC (Steam) but both Official and Custom games

With this bot you can ask it to watch the PUBG players you care about, such as yourself and your friends, and it will periodically check for new matches each player has played. For each new match a summary will be produced for the team showing things like damage dealt, kills and so on.

Example game summary:

Game summary

The channel in which you use the !pubgaar-add PlayerName command is the channel the summary for that player will be posted to. The same player can be watched in multiple channels and/or multiple servers. It's recommended that you create a channel specifically for this bot so that its messages are kept separate and the channel can be muted by members for when they're not using it.

If a player is being watched and they do not play a match for 14 days then they will stop being watched. A message will be sent to the channel(s) they were being watched in to warn of this. If the player starts playing again then they can be readded after they have played a new match.

Please note: Any commands which require a player's in-game name are case sensitive

Available Commands

!pubgaar-add SniperAsh6
No quotes, brackets or anything else. Must be the player's exact in-game name. 

!pubgaar-add PlayerName
Add a new user to the watch list for this channel. Requires the user's PUBG name (case sensitive).
!pubgaar-remove PlayerName
Remove a user from the watch list for this channel. Requires the user's PUBG name (case sensitive).
List the users being watched in the current channel.
!pubgaar-last PlayerName
Post the stats for the specified user's latest match, if the match has already been reported on it will not be repeated. Requires the user's PUBG name (case sensitive).
Get a count of how many matches have been processed in total by the bot (across all Discord servers).
Gets you this help message

Note: Commands are open to all members, if you wish to stop your members from using the commands then the channel should be read-only for them and the bot's role should not be allowed in any other channel

Required permissions

  • Send Messages - No explanation needed
  • Embed Links - Official (non-custom) matches will contain links to pubg.op.gg and pubg.sh
  • Manage Messages - Commands which result in successful action will be deleted so as not to make a mess of your Discord

These permissions will be requested when you add the bot. If they're not granted or you later remove them from the bot's role you're either going to see errors posted to the text channel or no messages will be able to be posted at all.


The minimum amount of data necessary is stored - who is being watched, where (the ID of the channel to post to along with the ID of the Discord server the channel belongs to), when the player was last checked and when a new match was seen for the player. The database behind this bot does not store any other information and it does not keep any association with any Discord account. The Discord server ID is only stored so that if the bot is kicked all watches can be removed.

The bot will only respond to the commands detailed above. It will not respond to any other message, being tagged, direct message, reaction or anything else.

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