Smart Bot


Your regular bot with admin commands, but we also have fun commands such as b!kill or b!shiba!

A bot with many "revolutionary" commands. But for real it has all the regular commands such as "ban", "kick", "mute", etc. Includes a sendembed command for admins which is used "b!sendembed (title) (Rest of the text)". Able to lock/unlock channels which makes users without roles unable to speak. The subreddit command which is used "b!subreddit (subreddit)" will send a random picture from that subreddit. There is a kill command that changes the killed person's nickname to {theirname} - Dead. You can also revive people or yourself to reset your username. There are Economy commands such as "work", "rob", "withdraw/depost", and "balance". You can suggest a command to be added with "b!suggest (suggestion)".