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The wiseMan bot allows you to level up based on the time you spend in a vocal channel (and how how much you write on a text channel)







WiseMan - Discord Bot 🤖

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This bot allows you to level up based on the time you spend in a vocal channel and how much you write in a text channel

If you don't need/want to host and set it up on your own you can add your bot to your server clicking here: Invite

Commands 🎨

You need to add the prefix ! before the command e.g: !rank.

  • rank - It shows you your rank.
  • propic - It shows you your profile image.
  • github - It shows you the github repo link.
  • help - It shows you all the commands.
  • poll - It allows you to make a poll.
  • setPrefix - It allows you to set a new prefix for your server.
  • setNotificationChannel - It allows you to set a new text channel where the notification will be sent.
  • setRank - It allows you to set a custom role for each level.

Steps ▶️

Install the dependencies

$ npm i

Create an .ENV file and replace *TOKEN* with the token. You can take the token from discord developers page > Bot


Start the bot

$ npm start

Configuration ⚙️

  • The only configurations are the prefix and the minutes in the config.json.

    The minutes are the minutes for wich every time the bot level up you (i.g: by default the bot update your rank every hour for the time-based system).

   "prefix": "!",
   "minutes": 60

Support 💰

  • if you want to support the me and the discord development consider voting the bot here and donating:


Authors ❤️

If you have any problems or question open an issue or feel free to contact me! 🔧😃

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