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Hill Climb Racing 2 is a racing game. Trying to bring hill climbers through hcr2 bot.


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HCR2 Here I have given some few categories commands. You can find all commands on our website: https://hcr2bot.com
Support Server:
Prefix: *
Prefix : *
Main Special Commands
invitation-links : It'll show the list of invitation links of members from teams/clans
wiki: shows hcr2 game wiki
te : list of all team events. ex: *te 78
pe : list of all public events. ex: *pe time attack
rp : racing permits. ex. *rp bill newton
Moderation Commands
mute [mention user] or [UserID] [reason]
unmute [mention user] or [UserID] [reason]
ban [mention user] or [UserID] [reason]
unban [UserID] [reason]
kick [mention user] or [userID] [reason]
slowmode: sets slowmode for given channel
changenick [mention user] or [UserID] [new nickname]
Fun Commands
8ball [your question] : It'll return random responces
catfacts : It'll return random cat facts with cute cat images
dogfacts : It'll return random dog facts with cute dog images
Economy Commands
work : Collect Coins and take first place on the Global Coins Leaderboard
daily : Collect Daily Coins
weekly : Collect Weekly Coins
balance or balance [mention user] : See Own or another user's balance
leaderboard : It'll display Global Coins Leaderboard
deposit [amount] : Deposit your coins to the Bank
withdraw [amount] : withdraw your coins from the Bank
Info Commands
serverinfo : It'll display information of your server
avatar or avatar [mention user] : It'll return your or mentioned user's profile image
ping : It'll display bot's ping
uptime : It'll display uptime of the bot
Bot Functional Commands
suggest [your suggestion] : It'll send your suggestion to the developer
emote [name of emoji] : It'll return image of emoji
Hill Climb Racing 2

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