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//help {Gives All The Commands}
//changeUsername {username} {Name u want to change with} - To Change Someone's Username For Fun Or Some Admin Work Note: You Cant Change Ur Own Username By This Command!
//ban {username} - All Know It Does Not Need A Explanation Note: There Is No Temp Ban Right Now May Change later.
//kick {username} - To Kick Someone
//srvrinfo - To Get The Server Info.
//meme - To Get Amazing Memes U Know It.
//channel add {Name Of The Channel} {Text or voice channel} {Category u Want the Channel to Be Its id}
//avatar {username} - To See Someone's Avatar Or Urs Cuz Its Bootifull
//userinfo {username} - To Get The Info of The User.
//invite - To Invite The Bot In Your Server.

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