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Xantrax is a multi-functional reputation / vouch bot, created to log profiles and reputations for / from users!


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Welcome to Vouch Pro, the most RELIABLE | TRANSPARENT | MODERNIZED Vouching / Reputation bot

  • Vouch Pro's main focus is targeting scams, and making sure you know who you're dealing / trading with! Vouch Pro stores over 40,000+ VOUCHES, over 10,000+ PROFILES, and is in over 800+ SERVERS, and GROWING!

Getting Started -

In order to setup your profile, you must do +profile, users who do this command for the first time will receive their login information (username and password), users can keep these randomly generated credentials OR setup their own by doing +RESETLOGIN custom username custom password Why username and login? - Some users may lose their discord account, or disable it, or anything. These credentials allow you to login from another discord account, so all your reputation / vouches, and profile are RESTORED!

Vouching -

When vouching for a user you have 2 PREFIXES, now these are important because they determine what kind of reputation you want to leave a user! Positive Reputation / Vouching +vouch @user comment | for example: +vouch @BAND1T#9133 Amazing dude, thanks for the Rocket League Top hat! Negative Reputation / Vouching -vouch @user comment | for example: -vouch @Potatoe#1212 Very rude, didn't give me my time! Requesting Reputation / Vouching +voucher @user | for example: +voucher @ii8s | We understand some of the people you've traded with might have forgot, which is why +voucher was developed, it's like requesting a vouch from someone. They answer a couple questions from the bot, and then it is sent like a regular vouch, and once it's verified, it will go under your profile!

How it works -

When you vouch for a certain user, it is then given a VID#, which is a Vouch ID. Then the vouch that was submitted is transmitted to our staff team, awaiting verification. We have protocols, and rules the vouches must follow, they are called Vouch Protocols. When you vouch you receive part of the protocol, which is to ALWAYS state the deal. If the vouch is denied, the bot will DM you, let you know that the vouch has been denied, and who denied it. If the vouch is approved, it is then placed under your profile which displays 5 of the latest vouches you've received! Congratulations, you now received a vouch | reputation.

Premium -

Vouch Pro Premium, is a perk, that users can purchase for only $0.50, and it's lifetime as well. Vouch Pro Premium does NOT determine how fast, or whether your vouch is approved. That has NOTHING to do with vouch verification, Vouch Pro Premium is made and developed for COSMETIC purposes, with V.P.P users have the ability to link anything under their profile (shop), set an embed color, note, and even set a custom banner / gif under their profile. This will make your profile look more nicer, and welcoming for users who are interesting in knowing who they're dealing with! Current Premium Commands

  • banner - Allows you to set a custom image for your embed.
  • link - Allows you to link a custom shop link or profile link in your profile
  • pfp - Allows you to set a custom thumbnail for your embed.
  • gif - Reminder that +gif has been switched to +premium banner
  • note - Adds a note to a users profile
  • color - Allows you to set a custom color for your embed.
  • top - Allows you to set the 5 vouches on your profile more will be added in the future of course!

Other Information -

You can view Vouch Pro's entire commands by doing +help, Vouch Pro has over 15+ COMMANDS for users, and is continuing to grow steadily for the better! Vouch Pro has a main goal of providing trust and safety to members, while also modernizing and adapting to our community, and members because without them Vouch Pro would not exist. Thank you.

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