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A multipurpose bot, including an RPG Game and Profile Tracking, along with Trivia questions and Corona Virus Information


h! (Configurable)





This README contains how to add the bot to your server and what does it do. Feel free to email me if you want to help me develop this bot.

How Do I add this bot to my server?

Simply click this following link:

to add the bot to your server

What is this bot? What does it do?

Gladoid essentially has been created for a private server called "The Hut". It started as a multi-functional bot that has some utility functionality, like searching videos on youtube based on given sentence or word. It has evolved into a RPG kind-of bot when I started working on a dueling system between players, which basically you challenge a discord member to a duel, game starts, you have certain kind of moves available to you, you react to the message the bot has send to choose from one of the moves and with some calculation happening in the background the other player takes damage.

I have recently added a tracking system that tracks the player's duel statistics.(How many won, how many lost, XP, Coins) With that I have added NPCs to the dueling functionality. You can now, using the exact methods, duel with a computer controlled, player.

In future, I am planning to add more NPCs to the game.

Bot Commands

Brackets indicate aliases, e.g. h!b5test and h!ptest would invoke the same command

setnewschannel Sets the current channel as the corona news channel. Bot will send news about corona virus to this channel after using this command
virus Given country, it shows the specific cases inside that country, otherwise it shows general information about the virus.
quote Gives out a random quote from a random person from history
avatar Gives out an embed containing the mentioned user's avatar h!avatar @sergenp
invite Gives out the invite link of the bot
translate Translates given arguments to english
invite Gives out the Bot's invite link
vote Gives out a link to vote for my bot
challenge Challenges the another discord member to a gladiator match
gamead Shows a buzzwordy ad for the Gladiator game
gamerules Sends a DM containing how the Gladiator game is played
hunt Spawns a random NPC you can fight a Gladiator Game with
profile Shows your Gladiator Game profile, LVL, XP, Items etc. Or given a tag to another discord Member, shows the same for the discord Member
shop Given a page (an integer, e.g. h!shop 1), it shows the Items you can buy for your Gladiator. If no argument is given, it shows the available pages instead
blb Generates a be like bill image given gender value, which can be F or M for Female or Male h!blb [user] [gender=M]
buzzword Gives out a random company buzzword
dadjoke Gives out a random dad joke
meme Gives out a random meme
swq Gives out a random star wars quote
xkcd Gives out a random xkcd comic
yesno Gives out a random yes/no/maybe image Example: h!yesno is my life going to be alright?
ask Asks a random trivia question to the user who have used the command
hug Gives out a random hugging gif from Tenor e.g. h!hug @sergenp
stab Gives out a random stabbing gif from Tenor e.g. h!stab @sergenp
puke Gives out a random puking gif from Tenor e.g. h!puke @sergenp
pat Gives out a random patting gif from Tenor e.g. h!pat @sergenp
[ b5test, big5test, ptest ] Creates a Big5Test for you to solve. Bot will DM you the results you get
[ b5result, myb5] Gets the results of the Big5Test you have solved
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changeprefix Changes the prefix of the bot from default "h!"
help Shows the default help message, h!help command_name for specific information about the command_name

Gladiator Game


An example of NPC spawning using this command

An example fight

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