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A Support Team Bot, to help with numerous different things on your server.

Support Team Commands Prefix: -

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Support Team Bot

Yes, this is another support team bot, However this bot will be getting updated on a weekly basis, which will give us time to work out bugs and issues, We will be building this bot to be able to run the support team system with out the need for a massive support team in your server.

We currently have the following commands and features.

  • Ticket System - With automatic Category, Channel and Role creation.
  • More to come in the following days.

We have a dedicated support team within our Support Discord Server, However, you will never need to join the discord for support, as we come to you, We use the bot to assist you, Using a Command it will as you a series of questions and then send it to the Support and Development Server.

  • Support Request Command Added to commands List.

You can find all commands for this bot by using -Commands