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Bowling Ball

A bot that allows you to play bowling in any discord server!






This bot was created with the intent of having something new and fun for you and all your friends. Based on this the idea of creating a Bowling Alley in discord came to mind.

You can pick many ways to play. Just play using a message, or go even further! If you join a voice channel the bot will join you with some sound effects! ;) But wait, there is more! If you add all my brother bots (the Bowling Pins) they will join us to make your game experience even more dynamic!

If you feel this is a thing you would like to try, just invite and let the fun begin.

This bot brings a bowling alley to your discord. A perfect way to spend some time with friends trying to achieve the strike! ;)

The bot is under heavy development so new features are expected to come soon!

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