Roleplay Tools


Custom bios, money, items, XP and more!

• This bot has everything you need and more, to enhance a roleplay server.
• Characters exist across all servers, so new members join easily • but you can track XP in your Unique roleplays!
• Per-server settings let you customize everything, including character requirements.
• Gain access to the server network and advertise your server, so you can get members who are ready to write with you!

The bot is updated often. For the most up-to-date commands and info, use =help and access the Support Server.

Join the Support Server for more commands, Beta Releases, and updates!
Command Category Info
=help Basics A guide to RP Tools
=character (=c) Basics View your current character
=characters (=chars) Basics See them all
=1, =2, =3, =4, =5, =6 Basics To change characters
=edit Basics Many ways to update your characters
=server Basics Details
=bot Basics Details
=invite Basics Community and bot invites
=bump Promotion Promote your bot through RP Tools!
!d bump Promotion Remind your users to bump through Disboard
=set disboard [on/off] Promotion Enable or disable Disboard reminders
=w Money Work for currency
=inv Items View Inventory
=allitems Items See all items on the server
=newitem [name] Items Add a new item to your server
=edititem [name] Items Change an item
=shop Items See items with prices
=buy [name] Items Buy an item
=resetinventory @player Items Reset their inventory to 0
=cat =dog =dance =cringe Fun Express yourself
=hug =kiss =poke =pat Fun Action @player
=slap =bully =kill Fun Action @player
=do [action] Fun Custom expressions
=ship [Name_1] [Name_2] Fun Find out who's compatible
=deathBattle @player Fun Pit yourself against a foe
=randomColor Fun Fun hex colors
=inspiration Fun Cat posters
=purge [number] Moderation Mass delete messages
=kick @player [reason] Moderation Kick from server
=ban @player [reason] Moderation Ban from server
=mute/=unmute @player Moderation Mute or unmute a player
=ban @player [reason] Moderation Ban from server
=prefix [symbol] Admin Set a custom prefix
=settings Admin Many options!
=welcome Admin Assign roles, make a gateway, etc