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Good time, Internet man. Want to know more about my moderation bot? Read my description and understand everything



Look, my bot is designed for easy moderation, I can assure you that this bot will be convenient for your server. The information will be enclosed below this text:

My bot has the following commands:

]addrole 'user' 'role name'

]removerole 'user' 'role name'

]ban 'user' 'reason'

]kick 'user' 'reason'

]mute 'user' 'time: 1s/m/h/d'

]report 'user' 'some text' WARNING: for normal operation ]report you need to create a channel report

]warn 'user' 'reason'

New command:

]level, show your level!

If you want to know how to use a particular command, just write it down and the bot will tell you how to use it

This is my first bot, which I wrote myself from scratch, using different guides. I hope you appreciate my creation. Thank you for your attention and good luck!

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