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Emoji Locker

This bot allow you to lock your custom emojis for specific roles, a discord feature that isn't in the GUI.


e! or @mention
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Emoji Locker

What does Emoji Locker do?

Emoji Locker can block emojis to only some roles, you can use it like to give exclusive emojis to the most ranked person or maybe in server's economy!


  • Emoji Lockere!lock <emoji> <role>

Lock an emoji for a role. This means that only that role will be able to use the emoji.

  • Emoji Lockere!multiple <emojis> <roles>

Lock your emojis for the allowed roles. 

  • Emoji Lockere!packs

View the "packs" created in the server, a pack is a group of emojis limited to a role (or multiple roles)

  • Emoji Lockere!unlock <emoji>

 Unlock an emoji.

  • Emoji Lockere!emojis

    Get an overview of your servers emojis and manage them.

  • Emoji Lockere!about

Shows info about the bot.

 How to use commands

The bot's prefix is e!, you must not use "<" or ">" while invoking a command. Please note that the bot needs the following permissions, please check also channel side permissions.

  • Send Messages
  • Read Messages
  • Manage Emojis
  • Add reactions
  • Use external emojis
  • Manage Messages (for the e!emojis command)
  • Embed Links

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