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Support Tickets

A feature-rich support ticket bot for discord






[param] - Compulsory argument
<param> - Optional argument

User Commands
-help <params> - Shows this help message
-new <request> - Create a new private ticket channel with the support team
-close <reason> - Close an existing ticket channel
-info - Show some information about the bot

Moderator Commands
-add [@user] <#channel> - Add an additional user into a private ticket channel
-blacklist [list/add/remove] <@user> - Blacklist a user from creating new tickets
-lock - Lock a ticket channel to prevent users (besides support team) from speaking there
-move [category_name/category_id] - Move a ticket channel to another category
-remove [@user] <#channel> - Remove a user from a private ticket channel
-rename [name] - Rename a ticket channel
-stats - Show some ticket data about the server
-tag [list/add/remove] <tag> - Add a tag to a ticket channel to allow for organisation and filtering with -search
-unlock - Unlock a ticket channel to allow users to speak there

Administrator Commands
-prefix [prefix] - Change the bot command prefix
-setup <params>- Setup and configure the bot

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