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Keep track of member birthdays in your discord, customise them with birthday roles and messages!


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Birthday Bot comes only comes with a few main commands, this is simply to make the job of setting up the bot to announce birthdays in your discord to be quick and easy. The bot is fairly new so more commands and systems will come in later on.

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avatar of Slushie
Slushie 2 months ago

Fantastic bot! This bot is a must-have for any kind of server, it always remembers to announce the correct birthday on time. Support is fantastic and extremely fast, 110% recommend this bot to anyone.


avatar of Birthday Bot
Birthday Bot 2 months ago

Thank you William, I'm glad you like it!

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avatar of LabyCosmetic
LabyCosmetic 2 months ago

Best birthday bot on Discord. Never forgets to remind the server (and me) when my birthday is :joy:


avatar of WubzyGD
WubzyGD 2 months ago

Best birthday bot. 13/10 do recommend. The only person to remember my birthday is BD. In all seriousness, Birthday Bot is a really simple and comprehensive bot that is super effective and works amazingly well and aesthetically, and is a must-have for any server I own or moderate.


avatar of Zoin
Zoin 2 months ago

Amazing bot! Has everything you would possibly need to keep track of your server members' birthdays. This is the BEST birthday bot out there on Discord. The support server is amazing with quick response times and the bot is very easy to use/setup. I 100% recommend using this bot! 🙂


avatar of 4D
4D 2 months ago

Great bot! Friendly owner, Up 24/7, Friendly Support Team, and never goes wrong! 💗


avatar of Tendou
Tendou 2 months ago

i really love this


avatar of Dexter
Dexter 2 months ago

Cool Idea, Never seen anything like that on discord!


avatar of CombatSwift
CombatSwift 2 months ago

Very helpful, other Birthday Bot on here would not allow me to set other's birthdays. This one does.


avatar of Sami
Sami 2 months ago

It helps me remind my own birthday!


avatar of pikachu_mgh
pikachu_mgh 1 month ago

Whenever I try to use bd!add (which is an ADMIN command, you should automatically have access to it if you are an admin, which I am) it requires that I vote for the bot. I refuse to be forced to vote for a bot just to be able to use a command that I should automatically have access to. In my opinion it counts as vote farming since A) you are required to vote for it in order to use it, and B) you would need to have voted for the bot in the last twelve hours in order to use the command, forcing you to vote multiple times if you wanted to use the command more than once over an extended time period. Again, it's not a premium command so I shouldn't be forced to vote to be able to do it. I'm one of 4 admins on the server, I have literally all the permissions. If it's listed as an admin command when it is in fact a premium command, then fix it. The bot has been removed from my server. If other people are fine with voting for it multiple times, fine, but I'm not. EDIT: I may have misunderstood the meaning of Admin as it is used in the permissions. In my understanding, Admin is the default permission for server owners and admins, but now I'm pretty sure that's a role you have to pay or vote for. My access level is listed as Staff, so that's why I was confused. If I was misunderstanding things, apologies. If you could make the distinction between Staff and Admin more clear that would be awesome and would help prevent further confusion in other users

avatar of Birthday Bot
Birthday Bot 1 month ago

Thank you for your rating, commands that are vote restricted aren't classed as premium because it doesn't actually cost anything to vote for a bot. I have a few vote restricted commands because voting can help increase a bots coverage on bot lists such as this one quite a bit. The process can take a maximum of 15 seconds and is on commands that aren't predominantly used by its general users, for example users can use bd!setup to add their own birthday as opposed to an Administrator adding it for them. I understand that you might dislike the idea of needing to do this but I think for what its worth that it just gives that little something back to the developer at the cost of nothing.

Replying to pikachu_mgh