A multiple purpose bot who manage invites in your server

This bot was created because of the permanently InviteManager maintenances. ManageInvite is more easily to setup!

Access to the dashboard

Configuration commands

Configuration commands are restricted to server administrators.

Join messages

+configjoin        Config join messages
+setjoin           Disable/Enabled join messages
+testjoin          Try join messages configuration

Join DM messages

+configdm          Config join messages in dm
+setdm             Disable/Enabled join messages in dm
+testdm            Try join messages in dm configuration

Leave messages

+configleave       Config leave messages
+setleave          Disable/Enabled leave messages
+testleave         Try leave messages configuration

You can use +config to show your server global config.

User commands

Everyone can use User commands, there aren't restricted.

Invite commands

+invites (@user)   Show your invites or the invites of the mentionned member.
+leaderboard       Show the server leaderboard

Infos commands

+botinfos          Show informations about ManageInvite.
+ping              Show the ManageInvite's ping.
+partners          Show the ManageInvite's partners.
+support           Join the support server.