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What's Optimal Tickets?

Optimal Tickets is a free Discord BOT created to help you help other people. It not only can create, claim and transfer tickets, but it also can show you server and user info, and much more.


  • Reaction Role Tickets.
  • Costumizable TICKET messages, for free.
  • Easy setup. Just do !ticket-setup [@channel]
  • Closing countdown.
  • 24/7 HOST. Optimal Tickets never goes dark!
  • And much more...

To setup the BOT, please give it permissions and follow the following instructions:

Setup the BOT

To setup the bot, you first need to invite it to your server. Click here to invite it. After that, you'll need to do: !ticket-setup [@channel] [Name Of Category where all tickets will be] Example: !ticket-setup #📑〡ticket SUPPORT -> You can leave the 2nd part blank, and it will create a category called "Tickets".

Then, to get pinged when a ticket is created, you'll need to do: !support-role [@role] Example: !support-role @Support

Claim transfer and add/remove people to Tickets

After a TICKET is created, you should claim the ticket. To do that, simply do: !claim

If you need to transfer the ticket to other person, or to youself, do: !transfer [@member] -> Leave the [@member] part blank if you want to transfer the ticket to yourself.

To add a person to a ticket, do: !add [@member/ID] To add a person to a ticket, do: !add [@member/ID] And to remove a person from a ticket, do: !remove [@member/ID]

If you need any support, please join our Discord Support Server.

Command What it is used for
!help Sends a big list of commands.
!ticket-setup [@channel] [Name Of Category where all tickets will be] Setup the TICKET SYSTEM.
!panel-setup [Text] Setup a custom TICKET MESSAGE. -> You need to send it with the command bellow.
!panel-send [@channel] [Name Of Category where all tickets will be] Sends the PANEL message.
!support-role [@role] Sets up the Support Role, wich will be pinged if a Ticket is opened.
!claim Claims a Ticket.
!close Closes TICKET.
!delete Deletes TICKET.
!add [@member / ID] Adds a member to the ticket.
!remove [@member / ID] Removes a member from the ticket.
!transfer Transfers a Ticket to other person.
!dm [@member / ID] [Text] DMs a member.
!userinfo [@member / ID] Shows information about a user.
!serverinfo Shows information about the server.
!botinfo Shows information about the BOT.
!report-bug [Describe BUG] You can report a bug. Keep in mind if you abuse this feature, you will be blacklisted from ever doing it again!
!ping Shows the BOT's ping.
!support Sends an embed with some links.
!invite Sends my INVITE link so that I can join your awesome server.
!uptime Shows how long have I been online.

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