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The best mafia bot: complete with a variety of roles and game themes complete with music for a customizable, exciting playing experience.


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The Best Discord Mafia Bot.

  • Complete with thirteen (and counting) different themes (including Classic, Smash Bros., Pokémon, Anime, School, American Mafia, Overwatch, Disney, Danganronpa, Animal Crossing, Undertale, Quarantine, and Jojos Bizzare Adventure) each with carefully chosen game soundtracks for a 4d playing experience. Themes are updated frequently and new themes are constantly being developed.
  • Play with friends while trying to gain the most cohl (currency)!
  • Each game is hosted in a different server that you will get an invite to (so that permissions are not a problem).
  • Pick a basic or a custom game. Basic games have preset settings with traditional roles like Cop, Mafia, and Doctor. In a custom game, you can choose with roles you want from our growing list of 14 exciting, unique roles like the Joker, a mafia role that appears as town-aligned on cop reports.


How to start the perfect game of mafia on Discord

  1. Start with the command x_x mafia
  2. Pick the "stakes," or the percentage of cohl that each player contributes to the game pool. This can range from "raw stakes" (100%, all-in) to "well-done stakes" (each player contributes 10% of their cohl, nothing much). Respond with the number listed next to each level of stakes.
  3. Pick the theme for the mafia game. We currently have 10 different themes. The theme of the game will impact things from user nicknames to the dialogue used by the bot, a theme provides an exciting environment to spice up your experience :). Respond with the number listed next to each theme.
  4. Choose whether or not you would like to enable carefully selected, theme-specific in-game music. This will create a voice channel in your server if enabled. Respond with 1 for yes and 2 for no
  5. Choose between the Basic and Custom game modes. Basic games only have the mafia, cop, townsperson, and doctor roles in a set ratio. Custom games are much more flexible, but it's up to you to create a fun and balanced game.
  6. If you picked a Basic game, select the number of players in the game, this cannot be greater than 25 and must be at least 5.
  7. If you picked a Custom game, add roles with the x_x add command (e.g. x_x add mafia or x_x add cop). Browse our full selection of roles with x_x turn 2 or x_x turn 3 to view other pages of roles. Use x_x view to see the current game composition (e.g. 2 mafia, 5 townspeople, 1 cop). When you are satisfied, just say x_x finished and the next phase of the game will begin


How to join a game of mafia

  • Use x_x muda or x_x join to join the game.
  • Once you join the game, you will receive an invite to our host server where the game will be held (so that permissions are all set up and your experience will be smoother). You must accept this invite for the game to continue.
  • The join period lasts for sixty seconds.


How to play mafia

Objective: Eliminate the other team!

Mafia ---> the bad guys, your objective is to kill all the townspeople through deceit and deception. Every night, you and your teammates will deliberate about who to kill in the town, be sure to make the right decisions! Some of you will have special abilities that will be explained to you at the beginning of each game! During the day, you will be able to parade around as an average townsperson. You will be outnumbered by the rest of the town so you will have to outlast everyone with your superior intellect. Try not to get hanged for looking too suspicious. Are you up to the task?

Townspeople ---> the good guys, your objective is to find, expose, and kill the mafia with your strength in numbers and strategy. Every night, most of you will be dreaming of unicorns and sparkles, but some of you will have important roles such as saving other town members with your medical expertise or using your detective skills to uncover the underground mafia. During the day, you will work together with your fellow good-hearted townspeople to identify and hang the mafia amongst your ranks. Be smart and watch your back!

Additional Rules:

  1. Do not try to cheat the system. We know all. You will be punished. No second chances.
  2. Don’t throw the game. No one likes a sore loser.
  3. Have fun!


The Cataclysm Commands

Discord Mafia commands and how-to:

x_x mafia Starts a game of mafia.
x_x terminate Ends an on-going game of mafia. You will be fined 2000 cohl, please do not abuse this command.
x_x rules Obtain a copy of an explanation of how to play mafia.
x_x roles, x_x characters Shows information about different roles that can be added in custom games.
x_x muda, x_x join Used to join a game of mafia.
x_x vote nickname Vote to eliminate someone during the day. If you are part of the town, try to vote for mafia. If you're part of the mafia, try to frame a townsperson.
x_x kill nickname Vote to kill a townsperson during the night if you are part of the mafia.
Cop If you're the cop, you can check if someone is town or mafia aligned. The bot will DM you with a list of players, respond with a valid nickname.
Doctor If you're the doctor, you can try to save someone every night. The bot will DM you with a list of players, respond with a valid nickname.
Special roles All roles will be explained at the beginning of the game in a DM. You\'ll be fine if you read carefully!

Currency commands:

x_x cohl,x_x account,x_x balance, x_x bal Displays the amount of currency you currently have.
x_x pension, x_x daily Gives you your daily allotment of cohl (currency). Currency is used for buying items in the shop and for game wagers.
x_x transfer/give/gift amount @validuser Transfers cohl to other users from your account.
x_x steal/rob/loot/pilfer @validuser Steal from other users. Be careful since it\'s more likely that you will lose money than gain money.
x_x opulent, x_x rich Displays the cohl leaderboard.
x_x shop View shop items!
x_x buy item Buy an item from the shop!
x_x sell item Sell an item for a reduced price!
x_x use item Use an item!
x_x mooch, x_x implore Get small amounts of cohl, usable once every minute.
x_x inventory View your inventory and your active items!
x_x flip amount Flip a coin to try to gain cohl. You will be prompted for heads or tails after you run this command.
x_x rps amount Play rock-paper-scissors to try to gain cohl!

Misc. Discord commands:

x_x info, x_x details Displays info about bot creators and other bot details.
x_x help Returns a list of commands and general info about how the bot works similar to the one here.
x_x vote Get a link to vote for our bot! It links back to this page :)


Mafia Roles Explanation

Mafia-aligned roles:

Mafia A basic mafia aligned role. Has access to a mafia channel at night where voting takes place to kill a member of the town.
Joker [custom games only] Mafia aligned role that shows up as sided with Townspeople on Cop reports.
Bartender [custom games only] Mafia aligned role that can put someone into a stupor once every night and learn their true role (like the mafia equivalent of a cop).

Third-party roles

Baka [custom games only] Third-party role that wins upon being hanged (try to get people to vote to kill you).

Town roles

Townsperson Basic town-aligned role with no special abilities.
Doctor Town-aligned role that picks someone to be immune from night kills.
Cop Town aligned role that picks someone at night and checks their alignment (mafia or town).
Lazy Cop [custom games only] At night picks someone and checks their alignment, but the alignment displayed is random. Sees self as Cop.
Crazy Cop [custom games only] At night picks someone and checks their alignment, but the alignment displayed is always sided with Mafia. Sees self as Cop.
Rookie Cop [custom games only] At night picks someone at night and checks their alignment, but the alignment displayed is always inaccurate. The rookie cop does not know that they are a rookie cop.
Optimistic Cop [custom games only] At night picks someone and checks their alignment, but the alignment displayed is always sided with Townspeople. Sees self as Cop.
Martyr [custom games only] Town aligned role that sacrifices themself for the player that is about to be lynched. Initiated by typing 'x_x Martyr' during the day.
Queen [custom games only] Town aligned role that gives the user the power of 1000 votes once per game. Initiated by typing 'x_x Queen' during the day.
Kamikaze [custom games only] Sacrifices themself to reveal the true role of another player. Initiated by typing 'x_x Kamikaze desired target' during the day.

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