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Discord dice bot for rolling player Moves in the roleplaying game KULT: Divinity Lost.






KultMoveBot allows players of the KULT: Divinity Lost roleplaying game to specify and roll a move for their characters, with bonuses/penalties added to the roll. The bot will make the roll, and then report the consequences. All basic moves, advantages and disadvantages from the core rulebook are included, plus a generic "non-standard" move.

!move ? - displays this message
!move help - displays this message
!move info - displays bot code info
!move xxx - roll to perform Move xxx
!move xxx -1 - roll to perform Move xxx with negative modifier -1
!move xxx +2 - roll to perform Move xxx with positive modifier +2


  • Use the full move name (lower-case, no spaces) when rolling. For example, to roll for 'Artistic Talent' with a +2 bonus use: !move artistictalent +2
  • Shortcuts are available for commonly used moves (see below). For example, to roll for 'Avoid Harm' with a +1 bonus use: !move ah +1

Move shortcuts:

  • Avoid Harm (ah): roll + Reflexes
  • Endure Injury (ei): roll + Fortitude - Harm (+ Armour)
  • Keep It Together (kit): roll + Willpower
  • Act Under Pressure (aup): roll + Coolness
  • Engage In Combat (eic): roll + Violence
  • Influence Other - NPC (ion): roll + Charisma
  • Influence Other - PC (iop): roll + Charisma
  • See Through the Illusion (sti): roll + Soul
  • Read A Person (rap): roll + Intuition
  • Observe A Situation (oas): roll + Perception
  • Investigate (inv): roll + Reason
  • Help Or Hinder (hoh): roll + Attribute
  • Non-standard move (non): roll + Modifier

Anomalies (full move name):

  • Influence Other - NPC: !move influenceothernpc
  • Influence Other - PC: !move influenceotherpc

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