Dope Wars


Buy and sell drugs, get rich and compete with other players globally.

Dope Wars Commands Prefix: $ (customizable: $prefix [new])

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Step 1
     So you've got $1,000 in your pocket. But you owe $7,500 to loan sharks! Time to make some moves and stack that bread.

Step 2
     Check your profile and local prices. $me and $prices. Then, buy some drugs! $buy [number] [drug]. You could also say "max" or "all." Examples: $buy cocaine, $buy 20 weed, $sell all acid

Step 3
     Fly around the world to access locations with different drugs, prices, and events. $cities to see them, $fly [city] to travel.

Step 4
     Learn as much as you can to gain an advantage. Check $help for more information and join the Game Server