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To start, you can have Natsuki introduce herself by saying !explain yourself, and get a list of commands with !help. Here's a more detailed list.

  • !define <word> - Natsuki knows the definitions of many Mahjong words and can recall them with this command. She also has a built-in dictionary for a large number of English words as an added bonus. If you don't specify a word, she'll pick a random Mahjong term that she knows. For a list of all the terms, call !define list or check the commands/define.js file.
  • !explain <topic> - Natsuki has some longer explanations for common topics in Mahjong. To get a list, call !explain with no topic or check the commands/explain.js file. They're a bit simplified, but good starting points if new players are asking about them.
  • !link <site> - Natsuki has a number of commonly referenced pages related to Mahjong that she can recall with this command. If you don't specify a site, she'll give you a random one. For a list of all the sites, call !link list or check the commands/link.js file.
  • !efficiency <hand> - With this command, Natsuki will analyze the ukeire of each discard in a hand and output them similar to tenhou.net/2/. If the hand only has 13 tiles (or 13 minus a multiple of 3) she'll just tell you the ukeire. The hand format is the same as in /2/. You can also call this with just !eff.
  • !poll <tiles> - Natsuki will react with the emoji for each unique tiles in the list you give her.
  • !platform <platform> - Natsuki has a quick intro to various Mahjong platforms available with this command. To get a list, call !platform with none specified, or check the commands/platforms.js file.
  • !minefield - Minefield Mahjong is a 1v1 variant where each player gets 34 tiles and has to create a tenpai hand with them. Natsuki will generate 34 tiles with this command, arranged in three rows, as a fun activity. If you want the tiles sorted, call !minefield sort.
  • !<hand> (anywhere in a message) - Natsuki will parrot the message, swapping any hand prefixed with ! with emoji. For example, "My favourite tile is the !4z, but my favourite set is !234s."
  • !rate <player> - Natsuki will check Nodocchi and tell you how many games that player has played on Tenhou, and what their R is at. If they haven't played in Tokujou, she'll say they have less than 1800R. If they have >1800R in sanma, she'll point that out, too, just to shame them. She'll also tell you when the last time they played was.
  • !random - Natsuki will simply generate a random hand of 14 tiles.
  • !tile - Natsuki will pick a random tile.
  • !dice - Natsuki will roll 2d6, and tell you which player the wall is broken in front of.
  • !help <command> - Natsuki will give a quick explanation of the given command.

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