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Marvin is a Destiny 2 bot created to help promote activity and healthy competition between clan mates. Owner: Terrii#5799


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Marvin's purpose is to help your clan grow. He creates scoreboards and broadcasts clan achievements like hitting legend and those moments of luck where someone gets a raid exotic!

He can be useful for many reasons, if you are a clan owner and you feel like your clan needs a bit of spark adding Marvin can help increase the total active time your clan plays as it helps promote healthy competition and more chatter between clan memebers when someone gets a unique or new item.

Another way he can promote activity is via the leaderboards. If a user sees that they are close to hitting rank 1 in a specific leaderboard they may play more to secure that rank 1 position and claim them bragging rights!

Marvin is a great bot to have to see who your most active members are, if you use the ~glory command for example you might find people who you were not aware pvp'd much in your clan, so you could ask them to help you out? Same goes with raids and other activities!

To setup first register by using the ~Register example command (Replace example with your in-game username). Once registration is complete use the ~Set clan command and then wait 5-15 minutes whilst I scan your clan. After the waiting period you'll be ready to go! Try out clan broadcasts this can be set up by typing ~Set Broadcasts #general (does not have to be general). See ~help to see what else Marvin can do!

See for more information!

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