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A quick and easy way to look up Pokemon Trading Card Game cards. It shows their legality, cost in both PTCGO and TCGPlayer, and more!

Created By: Avatar of Dillonzer Dillonzer# 2501

Card Buddy!

Card Buddy allows you to look up all Pokemon Cards right in Discord!

Feel free to follow my Trello board to see upcoming features!




  • $set <setName | setCode | ptcgo_code>: Prints out information about the set you are asking about!
  • $allSets: PMs you a list of all sets with set codes!
  • $card <setCode | ptcgo_code> <cardName | cardNumber> || $card <cardName>: Displays a picture of the card in that set or all cards with that name!
  • $cardSets <cardName>: PMs you a list of all the sets that card is in!
  • $setList <setName | setCode | ptcgo_code>: Displays all card in that set! (TCGPlayer Integration disabled for this command)

Admin Commands

  • $tcgPlayerToggle <on | off>: Toggles the TCGPlayer Integration!
  • $ptcgoPricesToggle <on | off>: Toggles the PTCGOPrices.com Integration!

Personal Settings

  • $language <English | Spanish | French | Italian | German | Portuguese>: Changes the language of the cards for you! (Only works for HGSS onwards)

Tips & Tricks

Here are some useful tips to utilze the bot:

  • Only the original requester of the command can utilize the :arrow_backward: and :arrow_forward: to cycle the cards.
  • V and VMAX cards are denoted as <cardName> V and <cardName> VMAX
  • GX and EX cards are denoted as <cardName> GX and <cardName> EX
  • Prism Star cards are denoted as <cardName> {*}
  • BREAK cards are denoted as <cardName> BREAK
  • LEGEND cards are denoted as <cardName> LEGEND
  • Mega cards are denoted as M <cardName> EX
  • G / GL cards are denoted as <cardName> G
  • Elite 4 cards are denoted as <cardName> E4
  • C / CL cards are denoted as <cardName> C
  • Primal cards are denoted as Primal <cardName> EX
  • Delta Species cards are denoted as <cardName> Delta Species
  • Dark cards are denoted as Dark <cardName>
  • Light cards are denoted as Light <cardName>
  • Rocket's cards are denoted as Rocket's <cardName>
  • Prime cards have no special modifiers in their name. Feel free to just use <cardName>


Q: When do new sets get added?

A: New sets are uploaded to the API usually the day before or on the Street Release Day.


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