Card Buddy

A little bot to query Pokemon Trading Cards

Card Buddy Commands Prefix: $

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Created By: Dillonzer# 2501

Card Buddy!

This bot is a little hobby bot I created which can query specific things about the Pokemon Trading Card Game!




  • $set <setName | setCode | ptcgo_code>: Prints out information about the set you are asking about!
  • $allSets: PMs you a list of all sets with set codes!
  • $card <setCode | ptcgo_code> <cardname>: Displays a picture of the card in that set!
  • $cardSets <cardname>: PMs you a list of all the sets that card is in!
  • $altArt <setCode | ptcgo_code> <RA | FA | SR> <cardname>: Displays the alt arts of the specific card!
  • Pokemon EX, GX, and V are denoted as pokemonname-ex, pokemonname-gx, pokemonname v, pokemonname vmax
  • (For suggestions the value entered must be over 3 characters.)

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