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Curse Updates

A Discord bot made to fetch new mod and modpacks updates from CurseForge and announce them on discord, can be used to fetch updates manually






Curse Updates

A discord bot that has the purpose of announcing new updates of mods, modpacks and other projects on CurseForge

It can announce new versions of:

  • Mods
  • Modpacks
  • Resource Packs
  • Worlds

Example Update Message


Reporting Bugs / Suggesting Features

If you're having issues with the bot or you would like to suggest a new feature, please consider opening a new bug report thread on the issue tracker.

Inviting the original version of this bot.

Please if you use and appreciate this bot consider supporting me on Patreon or Paypal, incomes help me to pay the hosting prices of my VPS, so any donated amount is greatly appreciated! Also note that the bot could still be a bit unstable, if you encounter some bugs please take some time to report them on my issue tracker. The original version of this bot runs on my VPS, you can invite this version of the bot via this link.

Running your own version of this bot (Self-Hosting)

If you want to self-host this discord bot you can do so by following these steps:

  • Download/Clone the project sources from Github (the green button)
  • Create a new config.json file in the src/data directory
  • Fill config.json with this template replacing the dummy data with your configuration options:
  "token": "<Your Application Token>",
  "devMode": false

you should replace the discord client token to start the bot with your own (you can get one in the Discord Applications dev portal) devMode is a boolean that disables some stuff and sets a special status activity when you set it to

  • Open a terminal in the main directory of the bot and run this command to compile typescript files: npm run build
  • To actually start the bot run npm run bot in the same directory
  • Invite the bot to your server and enjoy :)

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