Prism is a giveaway bot with requirement giveaways • Multi Guilds & Roles • Live edit & More! Message requirement!

What is Prism Bot?

Prism bot is a free to use giveaway bot that changes the way giveaways are managed in your server, it comes with requirement features such as server join, message requirement and role requirements with a lot more coming in the future! At prism we strive to achieve the highest quality possible to ensure the user can gain the best experience while using our bot.

Bot Commands

Here is a list of commands that the bot uses. Please remember that the default prefix for the bot is -

  • -help, this will display the help menu message Usage: -help
  • -create, this will begin the giveaway creation process Usage: -create
  • -reroll, this will reroll the giveaway winner Usage: -reroll [GiveawayID]
  • -end, this will end a given giveaway and pick the winner Usage: -end [GiveawayID]
  • -edit, this will enable you to edit the giveaway features such as the amount of winners, time for the giveaway and also the invite link for requirements Usage: -edit [GiveawayID]
  • -list, this will list all of the currently active giveaways in your guild Usage: -list
  • -pick, this will force pick a winner just incase if there is an issue with the bot Usage: -pick [giveaway id]
  • -leaderboard, this will show the leaderboard of messages sent in your guild Usage: -leaderboard
  • -messages @user, view the tagges user's messages Usage: -messages @user
  • -messages clear @user, clear the tagged user's messages Usage: -messages clear @user
  • -messages clear all, clear everyone's messages in the guild Usage: -messages clear all
  • -vote, view the vote link for the bot Usage: -vote
  • -vote perks, view the perks that you get for voting for the bot Usage: -vote perks
  • -premium perks, view the perks that you get for purchasing premium Usage: -premium perks
  • Bot Configuration Commands

    Here is a list of commands that are used to config the bot for your guiild: -

  • -config setprefix, this edits the bot's prefix. Usage: -config setprefix [prefix]
  • -config setbypass, this will set bypass roles in your guild. You can set multiple Usage: -config setbypass [@role] [@role]
  • -config setcolor, this will enable you to change the color of the embed messages Usage: -config setcolor [color code]
  • -config adminrole, edit roles that can use all Prism commands. Usage: -config adminrole (@roles|none)
  • -config entry, this will let you setup custom giveaway entries for specific roles. Usage: -config entry (@role)
  • -config entryremove, remove the tagged role's custom entries. Usage: -config entryremove (@role)
  • -config blacklist, blacklisted rules will not be able to participate in giveaways. Usage: -config blacklist (@roles|none)
  • -config setwinroles, Edit roles that will be given upon winning. Usage: -config setwinroles (@roles|none)
  • Further Support

    If you need further support with the bot please join our support server: and we will be more then happy to help you out with any of your issues.