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Create voice & text channel queues. Provides live queue displays in chat and assists in pulling out users in queue order.


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How to use

Privileged users are the server owner, administrators, and users with any of the following roles: mod, moderator, admin, administrator.

  1. Create a Queue.
    !queue {channel name} creates a queue. Only privileged users can create queues. {channel name} must be the name of an existing text or voice channel.
  2. Join a Queue.
    TEXT: !join {channel name} {OPTIONAL: custom message} or clicking the queue reaction will add a person to a queue.
    VOICE: Joining the matching voice channel will add you to a voice queue.
  3. Pull Users From a Queue.
    TEXT: !next {queue name} {amount} can be used by privileged users to get the next people out of the queue.
    VOICE: !start {queue name} makes the bot join the voice channel, then move the bot to a new (non-queue) channel to set a "target". Then you can disconnect the bot from the voice channel. If the target channel has a user limit !limit {queue name} {#}, the bot will automatically move people from the queue to keep the target channel full. If the target channel doesnt't have a user limit, you can drag the bot to the target channel whenever you want to pull people from the queue (and the bot will swap with them). You can customize how many people the bot will pull at a time !pullnum {queue name} {#}.
  4. Customization.
    Privileged users can customize the command prefix, message color, messaging mode, and how long people can leave a queue without losing their spot with the commands below.There are also additional commands to do things like shuffling and clearing queues.

Priviledged Commands

Priviliged commands are restricted to the server owner, administrators, and users with any of the following roles: mod, moderator, admin, administrator.
If a command that expects a channel name is not given one, the current text channel will be used.

Function Command Default Description
Create a Queue !queue {channel name} {OPTIONAL: size} Create a queue.
List Queues !queue List the names of the existing queues.
Delete a Queue !delete {queue name} Delete a queue.
Display a Queue !display {queue name} Display the members in a queue. These messages stay updated.
Pull from Voice !start {queue name} Add the bot to a voice queue. Then the bot can be dragged into another channel to automatically pull the person(s) at the front of the queue. If the destination queue has a size limit, the bot will pull people until the limit is met.
Pull from Text !next {queue name} {OPTIONAL: amount} Remove people from the text queue and displays their name.
Join !join {queue name} @{user 1} @{user 2}... {OPTIONAL: custom message} Add one or more people to a queue.
Kick !kick {OPTIONAL: queue name} @{user 1} @{user 2} ... Kick one or more people. If a queue name is given, it will kick from a single queue. Otherwise, it will kick people from every queue.
Clear !clear {queue name} Clear a queue.
Shuffle !shuffle {queue name} Shuffle a queue.
Set Queue Size Limit !limit {queue name} {#} Set queue size limit.
Mention Queue !mention {queue name} {OPTIONAL: message} Mention everyone in a queue. You can add a message too.
Blacklist !blacklist {queue name} @{user 1} @{user 2}... Blacklist people from a queue. Use again to remove from blacklist.
List Blacklist !blacklist {queue name} Display the blacklist for a queue.
Channel Settings
Autofill !autofill {queue name} {on\off} on Turn autofill on or off.
Pull Amount !pullnum {queue name} {#} 1 Set the default number of people to pull.
Set Display Message Header !header {queue name} {message} Set a header for display messaged. Leave {header} blank to remove.
Server Settings
Set the Command Prefix !prefix {new prefix} in config Set the prefix for Queue Bot commands.
Set the Color !color {new color} in config Set the color of bot messages.
Set the Grace Period !grace {# seconds} 0 Set how long a person can leave a queue before losing their spot.
Set the Display Mode !mode {#} 1 Set how the display messages are updated. Use !mode to see the different update modes.
Command Cleanup !cleanup {on\off} on Toggle the cleanup of user-sent Queue Bot commands.

Commands for Everyone

Function Command Description
Join !join {queue name} {OPTIONAL: custom message} Join a queue a queue.
Help !help Get a help message.
My Queues !myqueues Display a member's position in of the each queue they have joined.

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