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Better Emotes will help you manage the emotes of your server, upload from others servers using the emote or the URL, and get random emotes!



b!randomemote Upload a random emote from a list of 20 categorys, you can react with the check reaction to add it or with the X reaction to flag it as not added, you can also click the hide reaction to hide the emote, just in case! this command lets you see the image format, the preview and the name of the emote, it also have a NSFW filter, so you will NOT see NSFW emotes with this command

b!upload Upload emotes from others servers with this command, you can use the emote itself or the URL of the emote to upload it, just provide a URL or the emote itself, and a name for it!

b!add-these Add a higher amount of emotes to your server, and add them all instead of doing 100 b!upload's

b!big Get the biggest version of the provided emote

b!list List all the emotes of the server, react to go to the next page or the previous one

Explore We are adding more commands every week, explore our command list (b!help) and stay aware of the latest updates, suggest us things, report bugs or give us feedback through our b!contact command!

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