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A Discord Bot that brings the fun to economy!


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Just a reminder that if you have any difficulties with the bot, you can join the support server! I also hold events and you can get direct announcements on any new updates for the bot. Server Link: https://discord.gg/StbQ3Ck8jY


A Discord Bot that brings the fun to economy. There are countless commands, ways to have fun, and events! You will never get bored as new things are constantly being added!

You can access commands by typing sb!help

Some of the commands: Regular Commands
sb!hello - Returns hello
sb!ok - Returns ok
sb!invite - Returns the invite link for the bot
sb!bruh - Bot joins VC and plays bruh.mp3
sb!boom - Bot joins VC and plays boom.mp3
sb!vote - Returns a link that allows you to vote for the bot!

Economy Commands
sb!claim - Claim your vote box if you voted!
sb!balance - Returns your balance
sb!deposit - Deposits amount into bank
sb!withdraw - Withdraws amount into bank
sb!leaderboards (purse | bank | nothing)- Returns the top 10 richest people
sb!work - Gives you a random amount of coins (5 min cooldown)
sb!donate - Donates money to a certain user
sb!coinflip - Flip a coin and get a chance to double your money!
sb!rob - Rob someone
sb!shop - Displays the shop
sb!use - Uses the item if usable
sb!sell - Sell the item
sb!give - Gives one of your figures to the other user!
sb!kill - Kill target user and take their money
sb!fight - Challenges the user to a fight
sb!event - Return the link for fight club signups
sb!info - Gives info on target item
sb!banktransfer - Transfers amount from one user's bank to another user's bank
sb!bankrob - Robs the target user's bank

Important Links
Support Server
Vote Here!

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